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Eligibility Update: Hannity: “Can We See Your Birth Certificate?”; Grand Jury to Fitzpatrick: No

First, the country’s most listened-to talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh brought up the eligibility question. Then, columnist and feminist Camille Paglia broached the issue. More recently, She Who Would Be President ™ faced the question head-on. And now talk radio show host and Fox News commentator Sean Hannity similarly dove in, backing WorldNetDaily’s […]

Eligibility Update: TN Grand Jury Presentation; Update: A Second Treason Allegation?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 update: Retired Lieutenant Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III posted his own update per his new site, TheJagHunter. The following are pertinent excerpts: Interactions with the Monroe County Grand Jury “committee” yesterday were most unsatisfying, however… TREASON is alive as a criminal accusation naming OBAMA! It was agreed yesterday the crime of TREASON […]