Eligibility Update: Hannity: “Can We See Your Birth Certificate?”; Grand Jury to Fitzpatrick: No

First, the country’s most listened-to talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh brought up the eligibility question. Then, Salon.com columnist and feminist Camille Paglia broached the issue. More recently, She Who Would Be President ™ faced the question head-on. And now talk radio show host and Fox News commentator Sean Hannity similarly dove in, backing WorldNetDaily’s right to question Mr. Obama’s bona fides (h/t WND):

WASHINGTON – Sean Hannity today defended Sarah Palin’s recent comments about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency and WND’s pursuit of the story.

He said the question about his original, long-form birth certificate has still not been answered.

“What was so wrong in saying that, ‘Can we see your birth certificate?’ … We were told early on that, in fact, somebody else had looked at it and confirmed that it was legitimate. So, I mean, what was wrong with people saying, ‘Wait a minute. You know what? In light of the fact of where your, your father came from, et cetera, uh, let’s just make sure that this is a legitimate birth certificate’? … It was not asked by the mainstream media. It was asked by places like WorldNetDaily, who, I think, were just doing due diligence considering it’s a constitutional mandate. … I think a lot of people were just afraid to ask the question.”

CitizenWells presents the actual conversation via YouTube:

The Post & Email has further commentary here.

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Eligibility Update: TN Grand Jury Presentation; Update: A Second Treason Allegation?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 update:

Retired Lieutenant Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III posted his own update per his new site, TheJagHunter. The following are pertinent excerpts:

Interactions with the Monroe County Grand Jury “committee” yesterday were most unsatisfying, however…

TREASON is alive as a criminal accusation naming OBAMA! It was agreed yesterday the crime of TREASON CAN BE advanced against OBAMA in a Tennessee State criminal trial. It was established also the formal accusation for TREASON CAN BE advanced into a Federal criminal trial received from Tennessee State.

But we’re not there yet.

The Monroe County Grand Jury “committee” was comprised of four men. Gary Pettway was absent. Monroe County Deputy Sheriff Byrum was present. The lead Juryman, standing at a speakers podium to my left was in contact with the County Prosecutor’s Office by cell phone.

It took 45-minutes for clarity and focus to take a seat in the room and participate in the deliberations.

The four Jurymen were not clear about the criminal actors or the particular crimes the four Jurors were to inspect.

There was a pointed conversation about what the four Jurors had been tasked to do. …

“Coach” was told the four men were to consider only whether Gary Pettway (Foreman), and Assistant District Attorney James Stutts obstructed efforts on 3 September and 1 October 2009 to report criminal conduct to the full Grand Jury.

TREASON and FORGERY were the two specific criminal acts the four Jurors scrutinized as it went to the obstruction of STUTTS and PETTWAY. …

The end result is this: The STUTTS and PETTWAY issue moves to the side. Interesting, but no longer relevant. Their obstructions are cleared away.

It is not clear when the full Monroe Grand Jury (numbering thirteen) will sit to receive the document record proving OBAMA’S criminal escapades. I’ll tell you all I know when I know. Updates will be posted hear. …

The four Grand Jurymen openly discussed yesterday a second criminal complaint from a Monroe County man naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON. The committee was unclear regarding the status of the second criminal accusation.

And, unfortunately, it’s too bad that there are those individuals on this planet that simply cannot find any way to agree to disagree with the LTCDR:

This comment came in to The JAG HUNTER yesterday afternoon at 1334 hours local (1:34 PM):

“I’m sure glad I live in a different state than you do.

“If I lived near you, I’d take the time to make a special trip to put a bullet right between your TREASONOUS eyes.

“I sure hope you (expletives) America-hating tea-bag waving traitors hurry up and have your civil war. I want to be the first kid on the block with a confirmed kill of a Republican!!!”

I’ll moderate this comment by reporting it today to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Monroe County Sheriff and local police.

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