Selective Service Update: Another FOIA Request

As a follow-up to my recent Selective Service update posting, I received the following information from a concerned citizen by the name of William along with further analysis from a Plaintiff in some of the eligibility lawsuits.

This link pulls up a snapshot of the FOIA letter that William received on April 1, 2009. He relayed the following information to me regarding his query with the Selective Service:

I am a computer network specialist free lance here in … CA.

I have been following the BHO Birth Cert issue and cases for a year.

I don’t necessarily believe that the SS Form is a forgery, nor do I necessarily believe that BHO is of foreign birth. The fact is we simply don’t know anything because no one is allowed to have complete access to any documents of substance for examination.

I am investigating this [the SS issue] and others because I am a believer in government accountability and open access. Further, on something as simple as a birth certificate, or rather, proof of native or natural born status, should be a simple matter, but it is not.

It is quite possible that BHO was born in HI; just as it is possible that he was born in Kenya. It is also possible that, even if BHO proves that he is natural born, that he attended Occidental college under an Indonesian passport while also having registered for Selective Service as an American citizen.

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Obama and Selective Service: Another Fraud?

This comes in from Debbie Schlussel via (under “Draftgate!”):

Did President-elect Barack Hussein Obama commit a federal crime in September of this year? Or did he never actually register and, instead, did friends of his in the Chicago federal records center, which maintains the official copy of his alleged Selective Service registration commit the crime for him?

It’s either one or the other, as indicated by the release of Barack Obama’s official Selective Service registration for the draft. A friend of mine, who is a retired federal agent, spent almost a year trying to obtain this document through a Freedom of Information Act request, and, after much stonewalling, finally received it and released it to me.

But the release of Obama’s draft registration and an accompanying document, posted below, raises more questions than it answers. And it shows many signs of fraud, not to mention putting the lie to Obama’s claim that he registered for the draft in June 1979, before it was required by law.

Lots of questions and information raised on this one as well, folks. Go over to Debbie’s link and see the whole story for yourself.