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Category Archives: FairTax

FairTax Update: Growing Support, “Joe the Plumber” Helps Spread Word

From a recent email from the FairTax organization: Dear FairTax supporter,  I wanted to drop you a note–in the middle of some very hectic days–to fill you in on a few exciting things that are happening with our national campaign right now. This is a time of growth and new excitement about the FairTax that […]

FairTax on House Floor Tomorrow During Special Orders

Update:  We have just received word that the FairTax Special Order scheduled for today will be earlier than 6:00 p.m. EST, possibly as early as 4:00 or 4:15 EST this afternoon. Full previous email with all information on the FairTax Special Order (included updated time) is below including how to contact your Member of Congress, […]

FairTax: Rep. Linder’s 2009 Update

Rep. John Linder (R-GA), one of the chief proponents and sponsor of the FairTax (my Category; HR 25; Cosponsors), sent out an update concerning the addition of his bill in the 111th Congress: Knowing of your support for H.R. 25, the FairTax, I wanted to update you on our recent accomplishments and explain why your […]

Oxendine Stakes His Campaign on the FairTax

Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, currently a candidate for Governor in 2010, has officially gone “all in” on the FairTax issue (full presser, below). I think Oxendine is doing something smart with the FairTax. Every major candidate — both at the State and federal levels — who has run on the issue has garnered large […]

FairTax Rally at Gwinnett Center Arena, November 16

For those of you in the great State of Georgia (probably also applies for surrounding States — you know who you are!), the FairTax organization is gearing up for another rally. Essentially, the FairTax (otherwise known as a “use” or “consumption” tax) wipes out nearly all other forms of direct taxation (e.g.: income tax, payroll […]