Tenth Amendment: More State-Specific Sites, Commentary and Media Coverage

From the top: Pennsylvania State Rep. Sam Rohrer does an excellent job of explaining some of the reasoning behind why several States are pushing for Tenth Amendment resolutions.

Taking a trip around the blogosphere, here are more links to sites that are helping to push the States’ rights movement forward:

  • MRStep.com is aggregating a number of different sites and bills/resolutions that have been proposed to date (very similarly to my State-based initiatives page, here)
  • HoosiersForFairTaxation represents citizens from the great State of Indiana pushing for a resolution
  • WVSovereignty is similarly a gathering place for those folks living in the great State of West Virginia

The TenthAmendmentCenter.com published some excellent commentary by Mr. Lew Rockwell entitled, “Were the States Sovereign Nations?“, excerpted here…

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Media Coverage: Christian Science Monitor, MSNBC: Berg and Donofrio

The various Secretary of State lawsuits are finally beginning to percolate beyond simply the blogosphere. It’s great to see that these two sources are finally starting to take notice, though they’re not completely accurate (no surprise there):

Let’s wait and see if — as American Thinker postulates — more folks will be taking notice of what readers such as yourself have been observing all this time.