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About that Vote Attempting to Change the House’s Office of Congressional Ethics

The Reality of Political Correctness

If you control the language, you control the argument If you control the argument, you control information If you control information, you control history If you control history, you control the past He who controls the past controls the future.” – Big Brother, 1984 I had been looking for a way to address this very prescient, […]

Faith/Virtue Should Inform Politics/Issues (In Response to @EWErickson)

“If Virtue and Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslav’d. This will be their great Security” — Samuel Adams, Chief Massachusetts Leader of the American Revolution Keep this quote in mind as we traverse Erick Erickson’s “Erick Drops the Mic on Trump and Christians,” in that not only does this series of […]

#NeverTrump Selective Outrage — and Circumvention

“Donald J Trump may not be the most subtle, but he may just be like Andrew Jackson, the kind of person we need to break through and actually get the system to work again. And this, I would argue, is a much better gamble for the future than continuing with the current system, the current […]

On Cybersecurity and What’s Being Done About It

From a security analyst point of view, today became a great day for a write-up on the current national discussion of cybersecurity — and, more importantly, what is actually being done about it. This morning, posted quite the prescient article entitled, “What If Spying On Social Media Sites Could Save Lives?” In it, one […]

Two Videos that Demonstrate Why Hillary Needs Competition

The first is from Saturday Night Live and the second from America Rising PAC. Both are very much self-explanatory:

Convention of States Update: Virginia Latest State to Consider Article V Application recently reported that Virginia is the latest State (of twenty) that is shortly considering an application for Article V application. A number of high-profile individuals are pushing hard for passage, including talk radio host Mark Levin, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. This collective movement appears to be […]

“Six Californias” Plan Garners Enough Signatures to Be on the 2016 Ballot SAN FRANCISCO — A plan backed by venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into six states has gained enough signatures to make the November 2016 ballot, the plan’s backers say. A Twitter account belonging to the nonprofit Six Californias tweeted on Monday that “#SixCalifornias will be submitting signatures in Sacramento tomorrow for placement on […]

Senate Defeats Bill That Would “Overturn” SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Decision has the details; previous coverage here. The bill failed by a Republican-lead filibuster, 56-43.

MS Senate Primary Update: Tea Party Group Files Lawsuit Against MS SoS, GOP

From But a lawsuit filed Tuesday by True the Vote, the Tea Party nonprofit at the center of the IRS targeting scandal, could force the facts about voting in the run-off out into the open. True the Vote claims in its suit that the Mississippi secretary of state and the state’s GOP “failed to […]

“Mississippi Strategy” Makes Its Way to Georgia House Race

It appears that what recently happened in the Mississippi Senate run-off race — the GOP Establishment appearing to ask Democrats to vote for the Establishment candidate in the GOP primary as a means of knocking out a more conservative GOP candidate — is now heading to my home State and my own congressional district: Jody Hice, […]

Democrats Push Bill to Begin Overriding SCOTUS Contraception Decision

After the Supreme Court recently ruled that companies like Hobby Lobby don’t have to comply with an HHS (Health and Human Services) mandate that would compel the company to pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees, Senate Democrats are pushing a bill that would override this ruling: Now, Senate Democrats want to change the Religious […]

Newspaper Apologizes for 2008 Obama Endorsement

On Friday, it was reported that the Billings Gazette retracted their original support for President Obama: The Gazette said it missed George W. Bush and the “good ol’ days when we were at least winning battles in Iraq.” It recapped several mistakes Obama has made during his presidency: Obama has also failed on energy policy by […]

McDaniel’s Not Conceding; Suggests Illegal Dem Vote for Cochran by Way of GOP Leadership

Full audio from The Mark Levin Show at link: We haven’t conceded and we’re not going to concede right now. We’re going to investigate. Naturally sometimes it’s difficult to contest an election, obviously, but we do know that 35,000 Democrats crossed over. And we know many of those Democrats did vote in the Democratic primary […]

Senator Cochran Wins MS Senate Primary by 6,000 Votes

For the first time in 30 years, turnout during the Mississippi Senate runoff was 10% higher than the primary: But conventional wisdom also went down to defeat Tuesday night. Turnout was nearly 10 percent higher than it was in the first round earlier this month. And a man who had spent 42 years in Congress […]

Bi-Partisan Committees of State Delegates Discuss Article V Convention Specifics

So far this year, three States have passed an application to call a Constitutional Convention, and legislators from 14 additional States are committing to filing applications in 2015. In theory, Congress must call a convention if a total of 34 States pass an application to propose constitutional amendments, where the same number of States would […]

Michelle O Likely Not Senate-Bound

Apparently the First Lady is not heading towards the US Senate from any State after all: [ABC NEWS’ ROBIN] ROBERTS: Sasha will be in high school. There are many people that are wondering what’s your next act? Will it be political? MRS. OBAMA: Me? MS. ROBERTS: Yes, you. MRS. OBAMA: No, it will not be […]

#Election2012: Obama Handily Wins Re-Election, and the GOP Must Change to Win Nationally; More Confirmations

As of Wednesday, November 7, the electoral count (FoxNews) stands at 303 – 206 in Obama’s favor, with only Florida having yet to complete their tallies. Aside from being shocked (I allowed myself to succumb to the eccentricities of the Morris/Rove/Barone/Ulsterman-WHI “Romeny’s-going-to-win-by-a-landslide” contingent), the bottom line is that Team Obama simply had a better ground […]

#RomneyRyan2012 Picks Up Offensive Position after @PaulRyanVP Choice

The above is a pic from Romney/Ryan’s interview with 60 minutes, where CBS intentionally cut out the last 15 seconds or so of the following clip: Another staggeringly and morbidly humorous clip comes from CNN, wherein Wolf Blitzer asks DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 8 times to state the facts of where she gets the idea that Medicare for individuals […]

Georgia Obama Ballot Challenge Results

Judge Malihi came back with his decision that he is recommending to GA’s SoS that Obama is eligible to be on the State’s ballot. Attorney Irion’s response. A few things to note: Judge Malihi decided to use dicta from a previous case in Indiana (Ankeny) as the main deciding factor of presidential natural born citizenship, even […]

Obama Georgia Ballot Challenge: Fox News “Grapevine” Coverage; Plaintiff Interview with American Free Press

Yesterday, Fox News’ Bret Baier of Special Report mentioned yesterday’s ballot challenge here in Georgia (skip to 56 second mark). Carl Swensson, one of the Plaintiffs in the ballot challenge, was interviewed by American Free Press. Update: Dr. Manning’s interview with Mr. Swensson: -Phil phil [at] therightsideoflife [dot] com

Local News Coverage of Georgia Obama Ballot Access Challenge

CBSAtlanta: Judge considers whether to keep Obama on the ballot (no video) WSBTV: Local news videos (“Birther hearing held against President Obama”) (not embeddable) MyFoxAtlanta: Judge Considers Whether to Keep Obama on Ballot: 11Alive: February 5 is when briefs from both sides must be submitted. -Phil phil [at] therightsideoflife [dot] com

Georgia Obama Ballot Challenge Plaintiff: Default Judgement Against Obama Coming reports on a statement given by one of the ballot challenge Plaintiffs, Carl Swensson: To all my friends in battle, The Judge pulled the lawyers for the three cases into chambers before it all began and advised them that he would be issuing a default judgment in our favor, since the Defense council failed to […]

Georgia Obama Ballot Challenge Hearing Tomorrow; Fox 5 Atlanta Video; Kemp Admonishes Jablonski

Lots of late-breaking news happening down here in the great State of Georgia. From the top: will be hosting a live feed of the hearings tomorrow. I’d recommend using Internet Explorer to view the Windows Media Player plugin. Next, it must be freakin’ for real, as the following video (via from Fox 5 Atlanta, demonstrates. […] Video on Judge Malihi’s Obama Subpoena

As I’ve recently posted, I still don’t think that Obama will be making a personal appearance in front of Judge Malihi at any time from January 26, 2012 or forward, and I don’t think there’s really a need for that to occur anyway. I personally agree with attorney Van Irion and his pursuit of this […]

Obama’s Motion to Quash Subpoena Denied and a Likely Explanation

Thanks to those who have emailed me info regarding the current eligibility subpoena process. I wanted to take some time to aggregate what’s publicly available and then provide my own non-attorney opinion on what appears to be going on. Let’s back up and follow the subpoena issue from the beginning. I originally questioned whether or […]

GA Ballot Challenge Case’s Alleged Subpoena Questioned

Thanks to a heads up in a recent email I received, the site has a discussion going on about the alleged subpoena that is purportedly a part of the GA ballot challenge case. The posting is based on an open letter to the blog editor questioning Dr. Orly Taitz’ motivations behind the subpoena. Key […]

GA Ballot Challenger Attorney Interviewed; Subpoena Allegedly Issued

The Post & Email blog recently posted an interview with Liberty Legal Foundation‘s Van Irion, an attorney representing David Weldon, one of a handful of Georgia citizens challenging Obama’s right to be on the State’s ballot. Mr. Irion describes the nature of his case, which has recently been severed from other cases, all of which are […]

Non-Professional Dissection of Georgia Statute Governing Ballot Challenges

Let me first get a caveat out of the way: I am not an attorney, and the views expressed by me on this my personal web site are mine. Any reliance upon such opinion of mine shall be construed as being at the observer’s own risk. Since there’s been some initially positive movement on a […]

Fox News’ Brief Report on Georgia Obama Ballot Access Challenge

Via -Phil