Potential Congressional Eligibility Investigation Inches Forward

Radio host Carl Gallups was interviewed on WPFL and landed the news that Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) is in talks with another unidentified “VIP” regarding the status of formal congressional investigation regarding Obama’s presidential eligibility:

2 thoughts on “Potential Congressional Eligibility Investigation Inches Forward”

  1. Phil, how many of these have you fallen for? The hour is late.

    Think they got it right this time? According to your source here: “Article Twenty Section Six of the Constitution requires that Congress determine the eligibility of the President … and the Vice President.” [approx. 8:30 in the video]

    Did you try looking up Article Twenty Section Six of the Constitution?

    Possibly he meant the Twentieth Amendment. Hard to tell because its Section Six is a time limit on ratification, and the parts that do touch on Congress and Presidency don’t say what he claims.

    The video is chock full of bunk, but the “Article Twenty” claim is my favorite. It went right by the show’s host. And this blog’s.

  2. To paraphase the double hearsay of the snake-oil busker Gallups: “Any day now; send money!”

    Why would someone claiming to be a Christian bear so much false witnessing?

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