State Eligibility Update: LA State Senator Speaks, CO Constitutional Amendment, OK Could Pass on Wednesday found the following video of LA State Senator A. G. Crowe further explaining his thoughts on his State’s recently-introduced eligibility bill:

GeorgetownJD forwarded me information on SCR11-003 out of Colorado (click on the link, then select “Senate Concurrent Resolutions 001-004” from the drop-down menu, click “Go,” and then click on history for SCR11-003).

It is a State constitutional amendment that, if passed by the legislature, would be a referendum whereby Coloradans would vote, in a majority, for the amendment.

If the referendum were enacted, then any public officer elected in Colorado would have to provide proof of citizenship (the bill provides for a number of options) and, if they fail to do so, their position would subsequently be deemed vacant.

In Oklahoma, SB91 is said to be on the precipice of being passed by the House (it has already passed that State’s Senate).

According to GUL:

Great news: OK house majority leader Dan Sullivan and Kris Steel released Presidential certification bill SB 91 for the full vote of the House on Wednesday. This bill is expected to pass easily and become law within 5 days

The bill’s research analysis:

The CS for Engrossed SB 91 requires each candidate required to file a Declaration of Candidacy for any election to provide proof of identity and eligibility to hold the office sought and requires candidates for the nomination for President to provide proof of identity and United States citizenship to the State Election Board and directs that copies of such documents be made available by the Board for public inspection.

If passed, the law would become enacted as of November 1, 2011.


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  1. All this is great news! Now we need to get all the states doing it. Brewer should have paid attention to what was rolling through the other states before she took her high-horse on this issue.

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