Evening News: GOP, TSA, Tea-nami

by Phil on 11/12/2010

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  1. 11/14/2010elspeth says:

    I thought the reason that was given so the Alaskan poll officials could and should pass out a list of write-in candidates was to avoid the misspelling problem.

    I didn’t think they would be able to have it both ways: hand out a list so the names could be spelled correctly and credit for misspelled names.

    What am I missing?

  2. 11/14/2010SanDiegoSam says:

    @ elspeth

    You are missing the shameless attempt by Tea Party “patriots” to disenfranchise voters.

  3. 11/14/2010elspeth says:

    SDS — apparently not all voters; just those who can’t spell when given every opportunity…elspeth

  4. 11/15/2010SanDiegoSam says:

    @ elspeth

    I never said “all” voters. Just the ones inconvenient to them.

  5. 11/15/2010bob says:

    …too much comedy gold in tea partiers complaining about republicans who can’t spell….