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#DESen: The Grassroots is On Fire, and the Firemen Can’t Put it Out

Delaware GOP Senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell

The headline of the day today is that marketing consultant Christine O’Donnell re-routed Rep. Mike Castle’s chances at becoming the next Senator from Delaware by a greater than 6-point margin.

To me, it’s beginning to appear that races like this one are pointing towards a new political reality here in America.

You see, the reality of the local GOP establishment has been to keep Rep. Castle around at all costs; they’ve been operating under the assumption that only dear ol’ Mike can win in Delaware.

Then, she happened. She inserted herself into the race and, worse yet (for some), she is a conservative woman.

Apparently, “The Architect” Karl Rove has not liked this change of events one bit, even doubling-down on his previous comments on the race.

I don’t get why he’s doing what he’s doing, except that I don’t think even Mr. Rove totally understands what’s at play here.

People no longer want lip-service regarding the federal government’s role in our lives, and they don’t want the same-ol’, same-ol’ stuff that’s been going on for years.

You already know what I’m talking about — deficit spending, taxation in every conceivable form that any politician can dream up, passing bills without reading them, and a President — shall we say, practical Imam — who seems to be more willing to look after the rights of our enemies than he is the rights of American citizens.

Again, regardless of how much you may disagree (or agree) with what I post, the People are fed up.

And they’re by-passing the party establishment.

OK, so the NRSC has given Christine a check for $42,000. Big freakin’ deal. Have you seen her “money-bomb” site today (really, just a front page to her main site)? She started out looking for $50,000 and, as of this posting, she’ll be breaking through 10 times that amount — $500,000 — by the end of the day.

Not bad when your Democrat opponent had had a money advantage over you.

This is likely also why Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has stepped up and created the Senate Conservatives Fund, a totally separate entity aiming to fund as many conservatives (defined on his site; check it out) in helping them win election to the Senate.

Let it be known: both parties are on full standby mode. The grassroots doesn’t need you.  All that the grassroots needs a handy-dandy secure link by which funds can be transfered to a favorite candidate.

As a final tid-bit (and I mentioned this in comment over at Prof. Jacobson’s linked Legal Insurrection blog), notice that the left in America is not celebrating impending political victory.

Watch this, now: I didn’t say they weren’t making fun of her (and as the dear Prof. has already at least partially coined it: using the “nuts-n-sluts” ad hominem personal attack*); I said they weren’t celebrating her victory as being an easy win for the D column in November.

I think the party establishment sees another Scott Brown (albeit she’s significantly more conservative) in Christine O’Donnell.

What — some of you don’t think she’ll win in November?

For you legitimate doubting Thomases (and Thomasettes), give it a few weeks — you’ll come around.


You might start turning sooner rather than later. Check out the Prof.’s posting, “He Discovered Marxism in Kenya” — and no, it’s not about “Imam” Obama, at least not directly 🙂


(phil at therightsideoflife dot com)

* “Nuts-n-sluts” is a phrase that describes, essentially, the process by which a threatened politico (not to be confused with the online news organization) claims something to the affect of, “Well, her only problem is she’s a bit [nutty|crazy|fringe|<insert favorite verbiage here>] with some of her views and, worse yet, she has some moral issues [affair|gay|guilt by association|<insert favorite verbiage here>] that she really needs to deal with in order to be electable” for the purposes of creating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (in technical parlance — especially when MSFT was king of the computer hill — otherwise known as “FUD” tactics) in the minds of the electorate in hopes that the electorate will not take this [typically outsider] candidate seriously enough to actually win elections.


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