2 thoughts on “The Sestak Scandal”

  1. Phil,

    People making a big deal about this now, but it’s been ongoing claim for months. Since the Justice Department is now a group of Political hack lawyers, and no longer functional for the public, no one will ever investigate it. Even if it was investigated, and the White House was found to have broken existing law, so what? This administration doesn’t care much for the law, or the Constitution, and neither does Congress.

    What is different? In the 1970’s the Media in this country really sought out the truth, really wanted the White House to be a place of leadership, and the public was shocked by Pres. Nixon cover up for criminals. Now, we have criminals and they don’t even bother to cover up since the don’t like America, the Constitution, or care much for rule of law (see eligibility issue). Nixon criminal behavior looks silly when compared to Obama:

    1. Fitzpatrick shuts off the wire taps on Blago when Obama starts talking, then gets promoted. ROFLOL I’m sure it was just time to turn off the taps.
    2. Judges have been quoted as saying “We are avoiding the eligibility issue”.
    3. Sestak makes public claims of wrong doing and criminal White house behavior, nobody checks into it.
    4. Obama take the stimulus money and spreads it out to his Democratic party cronies.
    5. Obama takes over GM and give it to the Unions that sucked it dry in the first place. Shafts the republican dealerships in Chrysler and GM.
    6. Obama orders a “hit” on an American Citizen without trial or Constitutional rights, but sends lawyers to aid enemy combatants get Constitutional rights in a Afganistan.
    7. Obama denies Arizona border protection while being invaded by a hostile foriegn power, in clear violation of the Constitution.

    BTW, has anyone seen the 2010 Congressional Budget, or are they to busy cheering on Mexico’s President whom is allowing our southwestern states to be invaded?


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