TRSoL Update: Site Relaunch Soon

The Right Side of is about to undergo a face lift and be relaunched. This is slated to occur end of June/early July after what should be a fantastic family vacation.

For those who have faithfully followed this site, the redesign should prove much simpler and truer to the form of a blog format (and therefore easier to load). I will continue to follow presidential eligibility but will also be including coverage of other major topics; frequency of posts should be more on a weekly basis. Commentary will also be unmoderated but monitored to allow for a good and reasonable (hint, hint; nudge, nudge!) flow of discussion.

So! I look forward to seeing you in about a month!



9 thoughts on “TRSoL Update: Site Relaunch Soon”

  1. Wait until he finds out that Obama is still in The White House- I wonder who’s going to tell him…

    1. bnjohanson,

      Wait until he finds out that Obama is still in The White House- I wonder who’s going to tell him…

      Assuming this quasi-snarky comment was intended for me: I’m fully aware of who currently occupies the Oval “Orifice” (as El Rushbo would say). Yet, I’m also aware that nobody really knows jack about Barry; OK, so maybe that’s a bit harsh. We do know that he’s someone who won’t be happy until America is fully changed into another Amerika that we really don’t know (unless one is, perhaps, European (yeah, we see how well that’s working for them over there, I snarkily admit)).

      Personally, I think Mr. Obama has a lot for which he must and should answer. At this point, he’d probably be a lot happier if eligibility were the only thing about which we, the People would be bothering him (the fact that eligibility continues to be in the news is an excellent push-back for the reaction that it’s died down).

      After all, if it weren’t for that pesky oil spill there in the Gulf and — dash it all — those Arizonans. You’d think they were a bunch of Southern racists that had been geographically disenfranchised or something. The nerve of some people to actually attempt to enforce laws already on the books.

      Well, anyway, I digress. I’ll end my comment this way, and it’s sure to cause some indigestion:

      We have a full-fledged Muslim in the White House who is hell-bent on changing America away from its core principles.

      Do you doubt me? Name one thing, then, that he’s done to strengthen personal responsibility, national security, federalism, Judeo-Christian values (of which I will always speak out for), capitalism, and constitutional government?

      Yes, Phil the Radical ™ is coming back.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. Phil,

    The world has gone crazy since your last update. Hope things get well on your side of the screen very soon. You’re sorely missed!


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