#healthcare Linkfest: Democrats Begin Not-So-Happy New Year

There’s been a lot going on regarding healthcare, especially concerning State-based reaction and Democratic retirements (likely on account of the toxic voting), so much so that I’m going to quickly jump from link to link.


The President said — on eight specific occasions — during the 2008 campaign that C-SPAN should be a part of the healthcare legislative process (of course, Madame Pelosi has nothing to do with the Executive branch, so why should she listen?):

Update: Support C-SPAN via the Tea Party Patriots petition here.


Bill Reaction:

You have heard of Massachusetts, right?

State-level reaction to Healthcare:

…and don’t forget my posting on three ways the healthcare bill is unconstitutional.


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Photo courtesy ThePeopleHaveSpoken.org

4 thoughts on “#healthcare Linkfest: Democrats Begin Not-So-Happy New Year”

  1. Let’s see the kenyan wannabe president of the US goes over to the ununited nations and tells the few people gathered there that nuclear missiles are a dangerous thing and should be eliminated. Now for the rebuttal. No duh. Sad thing is they are a necessary part of self defense against Russia, China and the communist. But since you, barry boy, are a communist you would like to afford every opportunity to the communist nations a chance to invade.

  2. Phil,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    And, for this bodaciously kewl site.


    PS Full disclosure.

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