477 thoughts on “Eligibility Update: FactCheck.org Doesn’t Do Forensics; NH SoS and Certificates; British Policeman on Eligibility”

  1. I’m a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and I am absolutely certain Henig and Miller are 100% unqualified to render a meet and proper opinion as to the authenticity of ANY document. From the looks of those two goobers, delivering a pizza to the correct address would far exceed their capabilities…The organization those two disgraceful losers are employed by should be known as “FakeCheck@ubeenhad.conned”.

  2. Is it “Barack Hussein Obama II” or “Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.” ?

    The legacy press almost always uses “Jr.” but evidence indicates it’s “II” which implies that he was named after someone other than his biological father.

    My guess is that his biological father is Frank Marshall Davis, the black bisexual pornographer.

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