Eligibility Update: Ankeny v. Daniels and Citizenship; Sen. Frist on “Birthers;” Kerchner Ad

Recently, Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Elaine Brown affirmed the lower Court’s decision regarding Ankeny v. Daniels and set off some interesting dissent regarding the natural born citizenship issue.

Attorney Leo Donofrio posted the following in response to the Judge’s opinion:

Also, the Chester Arthur analysis in Footnote 16 reeks.  This Indiana decision is pure evil.  They have rewritten history to make it appear as if the whole world knew Chester Arthur was a British citizen at birth while history records this blog discovered that fact and first published it to the world in December 2008.  Before that time, it was not known.   The propaganda has spread from the press to the courts.]

The Indiana Court of Appeals in the Arkeny and Kruse case has just issued a lame judicial attempt at defining the “natural born citizen” clause.  The errors of fact and law incorporated into the decision serve as a beacon outlining the desperation certain government factions now face.  Obviously, the British birth issue is getting on their nerves and this was clearly an attempt to derail further national discussion on this issue. …

Their main argument is to state that citizens are only born or naturalized.  That fails to take into account the framers (and other original citizens) who themselves were neither born citizens nor were they naturalized.  So the Court proves itself a bit wonky on that point.  Still, I certainly do not dispute that today all US citizens are either born or naturalized.  But that’s not the point.  The necessary evaluation requires consideration of the various types of born citizenship.  And on this important issue, the Indiana Court of Appeals has failed.

Born citizens can be broken up into three groups:

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NY-23: Rep. Owens Isn’t Certified Yet; Hoffman “Unconcedes” Election

Monday, November 16, 2009 Update:

From TheHill:

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has “unconceded” in New York’s special House election after reports that the vote margin between him and Rep. Bill Owens (D) has narrowed.

Hoffman conceded the race on Election Night after learning he trailed Owens by 5,335 votes. But the Syracuse Post-Standard reported last week that the margin had shrunk to 3,026 votes after recanvassing.

Hoffman appeared on conservative commenatator Glenn Beck’s radio show this afternoon. Beck asked the him if he would “unconcede.”

“Yes, if I knew this information at the election night, I would not have conceded,” Hoffman said. Beck asked him again if he was “uncondeding” and Hoffman replied “If that’s possible, yes.”

HotAir featured the sound bite from Glenn Beck’s radio program:

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