103 thoughts on “Uh-O-bama: VA, NJ Go GOP; TX Dems Switching; What It All Means”

  1. Sise,You said to me way back in the start of this thread that no one ever promised health care negotiations would be televised? I just had to pop back in here and give you this link to Obama in his own words SAYING OVER and OVER while campaigning how he will show the health care debates and negotiations on C-SPAN. No back room deals in the dark of night(guess Fridays and Saturdays dont count or maybe he ment as long as they keep the lights on those deals are ok?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1PIWWgDG1k

    So will you actually admit to being wrong about something for once? Ha, I wont wait for it.

    Oh, and the health bill is at over 3000 pages and still no final bill to read yet…hopefully now we never will see a “final” bill just a finish to it altogether Thank Goodness.

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