5 thoughts on “Activism Update: Palin’s Farewell; Perry and Healthcare; Practical Notes on Effective Change”

  1. Hopefully Gov. Perry doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet, like a mistress, an undocumented maid, a tryst with a baby sitter, unpaid taxes from 1980, genital warts, etc.

    We all know what happens when you dare to go against Obama and his Chicago “machine.” You either end up in jail, dead or you your career is over.

  2. Speedy—-And that index is going to continue to drop….if the ineligibility question is not addressed and soon…..all hell is going to break out…..people are tired of being ignored….much like the citizens of IRAN with the illegal election that took place over there…..which if I remember right the FRAUD in our White House didn’t want to meddle in…..why would he when he has broken all kinds of laws here in our own country….KICK the FRAUD out of OUR HOUSE….that is my new mantra!!!!


    We are not waiting until 2010….we want our rights and freedoms addressed NOW….not TOMORROW!!!!

  3. BO has a -11 index on Rassmussen poll. More disapprove than approve. His ideas are monstrous and he is monstrous. If these congress people really value their jobs and want reelection, then they are going to have to look into this usurper’s ineligibility more seriously than calling people names without really getting all the facts. They have to power to demand his BC. They are a bunch of wimps not doing so. If they don’t look into the matter and the matter of all his other criminal activities, then I am sure that people are going to vote them out in 2010.

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