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Daily Archives: July 22nd, 2009

On Responding to Opponents of Presidential Eligibility

To date, a number of commentaries have appeared on the web fundamentally questioning — and producing endless numbers of leading conclusions — the rationale behind why sites such as mine are “still” questioning Mr. Obama’s eligibility. I’ve responded to a few of them, including The Politico, TheExaminer and HoustonPress (who didn’t even perform enough cursory […]

Eligibility Update: More HI DoH Confusion; Muslims, Obama and Harvard; Rep. Posey, GOP Support; Grand Jury Update and More

After it had been confirmed that the online certification of live birth purportedly belonging to Mr. Obama shows signs of being less than genuine, WorldNetDaily reports that laws regarding exactly how someone’s birth occurred in Hawaii aren’t exactly clear: The “Certification of Live┬áBirth” posted online and presented by Barack Obama as documentation of his reported […]