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Jury Update: WorldNetDaily Coverage of Citizen Grand Jury Indictments

Bob Campbell, editor of, recently posted that he had been interviewed by Bob Unruh of concerning efforts of organizing and promoting the concept of citizen activism via formal presentments as aggregated by citizen grand juries requesting governmental authorities to investigate the President’s background:

Things are happening at American Grand Jury. People are responding and our email inquiries are going crazy. In the past 24 hours we have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 125 emails asking about how to get involved. That is more than double the normal average. We expect this to grow and and grow.

Keep your letters of inquiry coming. We NEED more jury members. We have a jury in session right now and one more sheduled for the end of May. We have many Grand Juries being scheduled in June.You can do your patriotic duty by becoming a Grand Jury member. It is free to join. American Grand Jury is NOT about money. We are about getting results by handing down presentments and serving those presentments with sheriffs, courts, prosecutors, judges and legislators across the land.

World Net Daily’s Bob Unruh interviewed me 2 days ago. The WND article came out yesterday. There were some key points made in the article about American Grand Jury’s goals and direction. [emphases original]

The following are key excerpts from WND’s article:

Hundreds of “presentments” – or accusations assembled by citizen grand juries – are scheduled to be given to courts, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges and legislators across the United States by July 4 alleging that Barack Obama is ineligible to be president and his occupancy in the Oval Office constitutes treason.

The accusations are being assembled by the citizen grand juries that have been meeting in recent weeks around the country. One organization, American Grand Jury, now has posted an online procedure that provides a step-by-step instruction manual for those who are concerned about Obama.

American Grand Jury Editor Bob Campbell’s site includes information on the history of grand juries, their powers, rules, evidence, forms, etiquette and how to file the resulting claims.

While there are other groups organizing and holding grand jury meetings, Campbell told WND that his is the largest group, having convened five already along with two state grand juries. It plans to sponsor another half dozen in the next 30 days.

“Sooner or later some court or many courts will formally indict Obama from our presentments or [a] complaint,” he said. “Our goal is to convene and conclude 12 to 13 grand juries before July 4 rolls around and to serve our presentments as many as 200 times with courts, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges or legislators across the land.

“The pressure is mounting and someday justice will be served or the country will probably explode from loss of faith in our Constitution,” he said.

If those numbers don’t produce action, he said, the plans are to double, or triple the numbers, and try again.

One such citizens grand jury met recently in a Chicago suburb, literally in Obama’s home territory. There spokesman Richard Keefner told WND, jurors were sworn in, reviewed the evidence and deliberated.

“We all came to a unanimous decision that we felt it should be investigated further and warranted the indictment,” he told WND.

The citizens grand jury is just the latest channel through which Americans are raising protests over a president they believe is ineligible to hold that office. …

Adding fuel to the fire is Obama’s persistent refusal to release documents that could provide answers and the appointment of myriad lawyers to defend against all requests for hisdocumentation. While his supporters cite an online version of a “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii as his birth verification, critics point out such documents actually were issued for children not born in the state.

The ultimate questions remain unaddressed to date: Is Obama a natural born citizen, and, if so, why hasn’t documentation been provided? And, of course, if he is not, what does it mean to the 2008 election or the U.S. Constitution if it is revealed that there has been a violation?

And the answer could take only minutes: authorization from the president to Hawaiian officials to release his documentation.

A recent presentment from one of the American Grand Jury meetings said there’s not even any question about Obama’s eligibility any longer.

“Article II, Section 1 states: ‘No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the Untied States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…” says Count One.

“Wherefore, Obama is not a ‘natural born Citizen’ for the following reasons: 1) Obama was NOT born of mother and father who were BOTH US Citizens. These facts are not in dispute: Under the British Nationality Act 1948, Obama’s father was a British citizen/subject when he was born in the English colony of Kenya. Obama’s father continued to be such and not a U.S. citizen when Obama was born in 1961. Under the same BNA 1948, at birth, regardless of where he was born, Obama also became a British citizen/subject by descent from his British father,” the charge continues.

“It is public knowledge that Obama has admitted in his writings and otherwise that when he was born, his father was a British citizen/subject and not a United States citizen and that at that time he himself also became such. In fact, his father was not even a permanent resident of the United States, but rather only a student who would probably have been here only on a temporary student visa. Hence, not only was Obama’s father not a United States citizen but Obama himself was born a British subject,” it says.

Secondly, the accusation of treason [my link] comes from a retired member of the U.S. military officer, Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick III, who has presented his complaint to U.S. AttorneyRussell Dedrick in Tennessee, the presentment explains.

In that, he alleged, “Now you [Obama] have broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling, and deceit. Posing as an impostor president and commander in chief you have stripped civilian command and control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors-command racketeers-are now free in the exercise of military government intent upon destruction of America’s constitutional government. We come now to this reckoning. I accuse you and your military-political criminal assistants of TREASON. I name you and your military criminal associates as traitors. Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and present danger. You fundamentally changed our form of government. The Constitution no longer works.”

The American Grand Jury website explained it is clear the U.S. Constitution “intended to give the grand jury power to instigate criminal charges, and this was especially true when it came to government oversight.”

Campbell explained the citizens grand juries are a constitutional movement.

“We endeavor to teach people about our Constitutional rights, first and foremost. Amendment 1: the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances – Amendment 5: No person shall be held to answer for any capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury,” he said.

“A constitutional grand jury actually hands down ‘presentments.’ That is the correct term. Indictment is a proper term for a court or judicial grand jury to use. Presentments are charges,” he said.

To those who say such meetings are ineffectual and lack impact, Campbell said they do not understand the Constitution.

“Any time you assemble real people to conduct a hearing such as grand jury there are those that are afraid we would speak the truth so they in fact will deny we are effective or our actions mean nothing,” he said.

Such grand juries, he said, in fact, “are the fourth branch of government.”

“Would we like to see more attorneys with integrity and credibility truly give credence to the Constitution and offer good suggestions on how to get the courts to act? The answer is yes! Will they – I would say NO! Attorneys and judges do not want the average person questioning how they dictate the system that keeps them in power,” Campbell said.

“Will we prevail? The answer is we had better or the United States of America as we know it will soon be nothing more than a thing of the past. The Founding Fathers were brilliant in how they put the Constitution together. It was truly God-inspired. I choose to believe there are enough people out there that want to save our Republic and maintain the USA as the true beacon of light and freedom that she so truly is,” he said.

According to the grand jury website, “Sooner or later the court system is going to be inundated with ‘presentments’ against Obama. Sooner or later public sentiment is going to demand these courts act and force Obama to answer to the charnges.”

In order to better facilitate the debate on eligibility, in light of the above, I have re-arranged my Featured “carousel” (home page, top right-hand portion of the site) to include “best of” postings from my site covering the most salient points from the beginning of the eligibility saga. Postings include everything from Leo Donofrio’s original critique of’ postings on Barack Hussein Obama’s citizenship at birth to Ms. Sandra Ramsey Lines and Dr. Ron Polarik’s affidavits on the certification of live birth to more recent postings such as my debunking of The Politico’s take on the “birther” phenomenon.

A current listing of citizen grand jury updates and eligibility lawsuits can be found here.



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