4 thoughts on “States’ Rights Update: OK Declares Sovereignty!; LA, OH, SC, TN; In the Media”

  1. The imposter garnered some votes because people knew the election was being fixed by the news media. The news media still claims that we voted for change. Speak for yourself cnn brainwashing channel. Question: How many people want the federal government telling them how to run their lives? Answer: Only two earl and brygenon. Conclusion: Any and all polls manufactured by cnn showing the criminal to have a high approval rating are false, just as false as the imposter himself. My poll asks: Do you want the federal government intruding into your every day life including telling you who you are going to vote for even if the person has known criminal ties? Most people about 98% will say no. Conclusion: the imposter has about a 2% approval rating. Back to you in the situation room wolf.

  2. I hope Indiana will also do this. We currently have lifetime Gun Permits in addition to the stardard ‘hunting and target’ and ‘concealed carry’.

    1. Randy,

      We also need a way around the 17th Amendment.


      The 17th Am. transferred Senator selection from each state’s legislature to popular election by the people of each state. Originally, Representatives represented the people and Senators represented their states. Now, the states do not have direct representation at the federal level.

      I could not agree with you more. I remember reading an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution where then-Senator Zell Miller (D-GA), my State’s former Governor, actually proposed such an Amendment to repeal the 17th Amendment back in the early nineties. Of course, to make something as monumental as that happen would require a serious groundswell of grassroots support; it’s not there now, but that’s not to say it never would be.


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