Oklahoma Readies New State Sovereignty Resolution

by Phil on 05/1/2009

After Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry vetoed HJR1003, State Representative Charles Key reintroduced the legislation in the form of a concurrent resolution, HCR1028 (status page), a form of legislation that doesn’t require the Governor’s signature (via TenthAmendmentCenter.com):

Introduced on April 29, 2009, HCR1028 is “A Concurrent Resolution claiming sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over certain powers; serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist certain mandates; providing that certain federal legislation be prohibited or repealed; and directing distribution.” (h/t AxXiom for Liberty)

Oklahoma’s initiatives page can be found here; other States can be found here.


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  1. 05/1/2009magna carta says:

    I assume he’s got the numbers? great! Let’s move to OK. during this feudal period of our history.

  2. 05/1/2009JeffM says:

    What was wrong with the first resolution???

    Perhaps they should just re-introduce the original and get 2/3rds vote like they can. I’m confused.

    What I would do just to stick my finger in Mr. Henry’s eye is to introduce a bill that has the exact verbiage as the resolution.

    Then I would run it up the flag pole with a nice note saying:

    “Getting the picture now, Herr Henry???”.

  3. 05/1/2009Phil says:


    What was wrong with the first resolution???

    Perhaps they should just re-introduce the original and get 2/3rds vote like they can. I’m confused.

    As I mentioned at the top of the posting, the Governor vetoed the other bill. A concurrent resolution requires no signature from the Governor. Also, Rep. Key perhaps thought he couldn’t get a super-majority in both chambers (after all, the same bill was defeated in the State Senate last year).


  4. 05/1/2009Teapot Tempest says:

    Oklahoma. Nice going! Where there’s a will…!

  5. 05/1/2009Natural Born Citizen says:

    Really, the Governor’s got to go. Anyone sitting in his chair who is not in favor of state sovreignty as defined in law, is incompetent and malicious, and a threat to the liberty of the residents of OK.

  6. 05/2/2009Air Force Brat says:

    Phil, this is fantastic news! I haven’t been online much in the past few days, and so wasn’t aware of this development. And you were absolutely correct about the lack of supermajority. There wouldn’t have been any problem in the House, but the Senate would likely have been the death of a re-introduced Resolution since, although they passed HJR-1003, it was nowhere near the 2/3 majority that would have been required to override Henry’s veto. Good going, Oklahoma!

    Natural Born Citizen: No worries, Henry is gone in 2010 anyway. I’m hopeful that Sen. Brogdon, the author of SJR-10, will be elected Governor (assuming we’re able to have elections in 2010).

  7. 05/4/2009Air Force Brat says:

    Looks like “so far, so good” on HCR-1028. See below:


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