States’ Rights Update: OK’s Sovereignty Bill Vetoed; MO’s in Senate Committee


While KUTL8 mentioned that HJR1003 passed the State Senate by 29-18, thereby sending it to the Governor’s desk for a potential signature, reports that Gov. Brad Henry vetoed the legislation. Here was his explanation:

…In a statement released today, Henry said that “there is no need to spend valuable legislative time on a resolution expressing support for any particular amendment or constitutional right”

Here is the full veto message:

“Without question, the state of Oklahoma and its leaders support the U.S. Constitution and the rights it guarantees to the states and their citizens, and there is no need to spend valuable legislative time on a resolution expressing support for any particular amendment or constitutional right. Furthermore, HJR 1003 alleges, without offering any evidence or explanation, that past and current U.S. leaders may have violated the Constitution and committed crimes against the states and the country. HJR 1003 also implies that the state should reject federal tax dollars paid to Washington, DC, by Oklahoma citizens, an act that would prevent our tax dollars from being used in Oklahoma to address critical needs in transportation, education, health care, law enforcement, veterans programs and many other vital services beneficial to our state. In short, HJR 1003 could be detrimental to Oklahoma and does not serve the state or its citizens in any positive manner.”

Had the governor signed the resolution, it would have been distributed to the President, the U.S. Congress and other federal offices as an official statement from the state of Oklahoma.


HCR13 had been adopted by the State House and is now in Senate Committee where a public hearing was held on April 7, 2009.

A current listing of State-based initiatives can be found here.


10 thoughts on “States’ Rights Update: OK’s Sovereignty Bill Vetoed; MO’s in Senate Committee”

  1. I was going to buy land in OK, but now that this Obama lover has vetoed this bill it is time to look to Texas. It is too bad. I hope they put somebody in next time who has read the US Constitution and isn’t brain dead.

  2. BaOH — Brad Henry is gone in 2010 anyway, as he’s served the maximum number of terms allowed an Oklahoma governor by law. He’s been pretty much despised here as a weakling for years (except for bringing the lottery in). I don’t know anyone here who will be sorry to see him go.

    Sen. Randy Brogdon, author of the OK Senate’s “twin” sovereignty resolution (SJR-10), is running for governor in 2010. Will feel much less uneasy about things if he wins (which, assuming we’re still allowed to have elections in 2010, I think he’ll do very easily).

  3. Went to check on Governor Henry’s political affiliation–yep. he’s
    a democrat. In the past has had some controversy involving his pro
    stance on an issue concerning the Qur’an. Seems he is taking orders from BO instead of his electorate–bye, bye on next election?

  4. Capitalism ‘threatens life on the planet’

    “We, the Heads of State and Government of Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela [Willima Ayer’s and Obama’s friend Hugo Chavez]…

    1. Capitalism is leading humanity and the planet to extinction…

    2. Capitalism has caused the environmental crisis, by submitting the necessary conditions for life in the planet, to the predominance of market and profit…

    3. The global economic crisis, climate change, the food crisis and the energy crisis are the result of the decay of capitalism, which threatens to end life and the planet…”

    So, when does Obama apologize to the UN-Americans for the United States leading humanity and the planet to extinction, for the environmental crisis, for the global economic crisis, climate change, the food crisis and the energy crisis?

    So, when does the DHS add “capitalists” to Obama’s list of “domestic terrorists”?

  5. eports that Gov. Brad Henry vetoed the legislation. >>

    The guy belongs to the Democratic (oxymoron) Party. What would you expect?

    The Jackass Party is probably a more appropriate term for the Democratic Party especially since their mascot is a Jackass.

  6. Like too many co-opting willy-nilly, weak-in-the-knees governors, to Oklahoma’s Gov. Henry, the federal gravey train clearly takes precedence over what should be the preeminence of the Constitution and the re-assertion of States rights. Demonstrates how far left and far removed so many of our leaders at every level of our once proud republic have strayed from the Constitution. The majority are for sale to the highest bidder. We are doomed.

  7. All the veto means is that HJR-1003 will now be sent back to the OK Legislature, where a 2/3 approval by both chambers will override Henry’s veto.

    Thanks again for keeping us all informed of breaking news, Phil. Great site — awesome job.

  8. BOCK BOCK BOCK BOCK!! said the governor…

    No Mr. Governor, what’s wasting tax dollars is your sorry behind in the chair who’s afraid of losing his job over pressure from a tyrannical government hovering over you. Guess what. You’re going to lose it anyway. Have a nice day.

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