7 thoughts on “North Dakota House Passes State Sovereignty Resolution, 52-40”

  1. Glad to see our legislature has a spine and has said “enough” to the overreaching by the Federal Government. We grow your food. All we ask in return is that you leave us alone and let the people of North Dakota decide what happens in North Dakota…we do a much better job of it than the Federal govt can do; we have a billion with a B dollar budget surplus. The Federal govt has how big of a surplus? How foolish…what was I thinking!

  2. I just love how a few people on here state these resolutions mean nothing because they aren’t bills.

    HELLO! Amendment X has them covered so there isn’t any need for a bill! The states are saying “not only are we covered by the Constitution, we have passed a resolution re-affirming it”.

  3. I hope that the Southern States of Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia will QUICKLY jump onboard the Declaration of Sovereignty movement.
    I am working to renew my passport and encourage others to do so. Just never know when and if we might need it other than a drivers license.

    After the April 15th Tea Parties I expect events to take back the government of this country will increase.

    Lets keep Orly in the foremost of our prayers. She’s quite a trooper and is a pure heart for America. Thank you Orly for your diligence, determination abilites. You have extraordinary gifts and abilites and we as a country are blessed you came here to share your life with us. We now owe you an unmeasurable debt of graditude for the strides you have made forward in this crisis.

    I think Orly’s Defendourfreedoms.us web site has definately been hacked. She needs someone to monitor that site for her 24/7 now.
    This is such a serious matter that I also believe she needs Professional 24 hour Protection. Hopefully some of our military troops can and will offer to step in and help protect “our Orly”.

    While it bereaves me what has happened to our country. I remain hopeful and optomistic because I can for certain say that when the going gets tough the people of this country will get going. Thats the American way…this country is ours and it has to stay that way.
    We will defend what rightfully belongs to us as we are the heirs of our forefathers.

    A word of caution is that I do believe that in the move to take over our country by a Usurper and Socialist thugs we need to take this in mind. They want to make us mad. They want us to riot so as Martial Law can be implemented. Up front the preparations and plans need to be made keeping this foremost in mind. By organizing our movement correctly and with percission we can cowboy and indian style head this off “before they get to the pass so to speak”.

    I also believe we need to establish a new election ASAP to elect new officials to represent us in this country. People of the people, by the people and for the people. We have many brilliant and patriotic people in this country that would make excellent leadership for our country.

    I live in Alabama currently. I wrote Congressman Jeff Sessions about O’s eligiblity. He dodged any responsiblity by basically stating to me that it wasn’t his job. I say bull to that.

    No more re election of ANY existing congressman or woman is my vote at this point. Also Spencer Bachus knows more about the Natalee Holloway case that he will reveal. So does the Federal Government. I think diplomactic immunity is involved in her disappearance.

    I am also for getting God and prayer back into as many places as possible within our country. Evidence and proof exists our country has been blessed by putting God first. He will restore our country if we put away our evil and wicked ways and make him first.

    With love to Orly and all my fellow Americans…

  4. GeorgetownJD –

    Love ya, hon. But y’know, you could at least spell Bismarck right. LOL

    I grew up in ND, and I’m not the least bit surprised about the resolution. It’s a very independent state (unofficial motto: 40 below keeps the riff-raff out). Even the Democrats there are rather conservative and most would rather the Government leave them alone, no matter who is in office.

    Oh, and if you ever get to Bismarck: There is the most excellent Mexican Restaurant on South Third by Kirkwood Mall. Great food. Celia is from Northern Mexico and makes everything by hand. :)

  5. According to Orly Taitz, congratulations are due now that it is a sovereign state. So, do you think North Dakota will establish diplomatic relations with us? I’ve got my passport ready to go to Bismark.

    1. GeorgetownJD,

      According to Orly Taitz, congratulations are due now that it is a sovereign state. So, do you think North Dakota will establish diplomatic relations with us? I’ve got my passport ready to go to Bismark.

      I’ve gotta say, I really liked your comments better when you were far less sarcastic and much more rational. However, that’s obviously your prerogative.

      As anyone who’s been studying these resolutions knows, a resolution does not have the same force as an actual act that must be signed by a Governor. Therefore, it expresses the “sense of the Legislature” and could be used — however anecdotally — as the springboard for further action.


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