2 thoughts on “States’ Rights Update: Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Montana”

  1. As a citizen of Georgia I believe the Georgia version is trash. It attempts to nullify the U.S. Constitution. I do not want that.

    I want something that swings power back from the federal government to the state.

    The essence of the problem is that the 10th Amendment must compete with the commerce clause. Something needs to be done to define the depths that the commerce clause can reach into a state.

    While some cases before the USC started setting boundries marking congressional power under the commerce clause with US v Lopez (1995) and US v Morrison (2000) a clear statement with acceptable action from the GA government would help.

  2. Dear Sir:
    I have been so disturbed that there has not been more states re-affirming there states rights. We are losing more freedom due to the Federal Government reaching beyond the limits of its’ power and foistering illegal mandates upon the states. Just today it appears that the President is willing to give away our sovreignty to a global government.
    Millions of our brave patriots have given their lives in defense of this country and its’ Constitution. May they not have died in vain. They would have if our sovreinty is lost. It is unthinkable to envision this prospect!!
    In less than 3 months, Mr Obama has pushed to the limit many idess that go far beyond the limitations of our Constitution.
    If we can get more states to reaffirm their rights of sovreignty, if the President continues his present course, the states can bring suit to oust the present Federal Government with a 2/3 vote of the states in favor of sovreignty. May God bless us.

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