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National Service Act

Tenth Amendment

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Obama Administration

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Minnesota Recount

Gov. Sarah Palin

US Constitution

Innocent Life

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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Headlines”

  1. I know that a march on Washington has been proposed more than once and maybe it is a good idea but I cannot help but wonder about the ratio of effectiveness/troublesomeness of this strategy. In my opinion the leaders of top right blogs,state patriot politicians,right wing high profile singers or movie stars,leaders in the fight against amnesty (death knell for USA) and federal level patriots like Tancredo,Bachman need to have a private meeting to DEVELOP STRATEGIES to force “THEM” to be responsive again.The meeting will not be about issues/crisis but about really using all brain cells assembled to forge a plan that will throw up barricades.Phone calls,faxes..protests of the “get 1 million in DC” type are just not going to do it.The traitors are insulated.This needs to be recognized so another plan has to be developed.It will need to be FRESH,NEW,CREATIVE!

  2. I invited Glenn Beck to the Toledo Tea Party. He’s going somewhere, we’ll see. I can’t wait. This protest is going to be #15 on my “14 Things to do before you die” list. I loved his rant on that CT AG Blumenthal. Can’t believe this guy is actually an attorney.

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