Tenth Amendment: Where We Go From Here

The TenthAmendmentCenter.com posted an excellent article entitled, “Asserting Sovereignty.” While the article goes into a relevant briefing of the issue of States’ rights, it is the action items listing on which I’m going to focus for the purposes of this site.

To wit:


I believe that it’s time for the people of the states to begin mandating their state legislatures to discover and assert their state’s sovereignty. This can be done on a state-by-state basis through referendum, beginning with an online petition whereby state citizens can force the issue onto the ballot at the state’s next coming election. The following is what I believe to be a good sequence so far:

1. Set up Websites: both central (all states) and links to individual sites for individual states.

2. Each state will have a petition for a state-referendum on its ballot, and the ability to collect valid signatures online.

3. The referendum will force the state legislature simply to examine the state’s national sovereignty under international law.

4. Each site gives information on the purpose of the petition, and the reason for it.

5. Site also gives information for people to vote on the referendum, if the petition gets enough signatures to make the ballot.

The Right Side of Life is already in contact with TenthAmendmentCenter.com and will be following a similar course of action, albeit via pages than actual separate sites. My current State-based initiatives page (as has already been promised) will begin the process of splitting up into several State pages, where specific measures and other information will be contained on each page. Links to Categories will still be maintained, as this does two things: (1) provides you, the reader, with a consolidated listing of posts for a given State; and (2) helps reduce the amount of work required to maintain the pages.

As I’ve already mentioned to TenthAmendmentCenter.com, I thank them for a great idea and hope that my and other sites can similarly follow through on helping everyone be empowered to take action and make true change!


4 thoughts on “Tenth Amendment: Where We Go From Here”

  1. Somewhere on another post, a commenter raised the interesting question as to whether or not the 10th amendment would provide a firm legal basis for establishing the people’s standing with respect to any suit brought against Obama compelling him to prove his eligibility.

    To wit, the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, OR TO THE PEOPLE.

  2. Another suggestion along these lines. If you are in contact with the Tenth Amendment Center. The Sovereignty aspect for the States. This includes taxes collected in the States from gasoline, education etc. that is then sent to the Federal Government. The States should keep these taxes in escrow as their own funds. If the Feds then threaten to withhold money for transportation, roads, bridges, education etc. then the States say no strings attached, and use the money the States withheld, to repair their own roads, instead of attempting to get money back from the Feds, paid by State Tax Payers.

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