25 thoughts on “Rep. Posey Speaks Out on Eligibility Bill”

  1. The Supreme Court needs to clarify the definition of natural born citizen, too. Maybe they will be more receptive now.

    Maybe something will happen now that the polls are changing.

    There were some real questions at the press conference tonight.

  2. If you want to give this bill a chance, it will have to make it out of committee. The Open Congress link to the bill shows it in the House Administration Committee. So that you can make your views known to the committee, here is a list of its members:

    Representative State Party Since Current Committee Memberships
    Robert Brady PA Dem 1977 House Administration Chairman, House Armed Services

    Daniel Lungren CA Rep 1979 House Administration Ranking Member, House Homeland Security, House Judiciary

    Michael Capuano MA Dem 1999 House Administration, House Financial Services, House Transportation and Infrastructure

    Artur Davis MA Dem 1999 House Administration, House Ways and Means

    Susan Davis CA Dem 2001 House Administration, House Armed Services, House Education and Labor

    Charles Gonzalez TX Dem 1999 House Administration, House Energy and Commerce, House Judiciary

    Gregg Harper MS Rep 2009 House Administration, House Budget, House Judiciary

    Zoe Lofgren CA Dem 1995 House Administration, House Homeland Security, House Judiciary, House Standards of Official Conduct

    Kevin McCarthy CA Re 2007 House Administration, House Financial Services

    I would suggest that all federal elected officials submit proof that they are eligible and that the candidates for President submit the long form of the birth certificate, all passport records, and a full disclosure any other matters relating to citizenship history.

  3. Way to go, Rep. Posey. You are to be admired for taking a stand. Don’t back down, no matter how many petty words are thrown at you by those who have nothing BUT petty words to throw around.

  4. I have a suggestion that may help resolve this whole mess. Barak Obama needs to fill out an SF86 and go back 10 years. Surely he can fill out the same form I was required to fill out in order to obtain my security clearance. As acting President of the United States he has access to highly classified documents and briefings. Surely he should be required to meet the same rule of law regarding background checks and security clearances as I did for 20yrs in the military and for the last 3yrs as a civilian with a TS clearance.
    Why have our elected officials failed to uphold their oath of office and give Barak Hussein Obama a pass? Are there no Patriots with a spine left in the government? Is there not one of them willing to stand up on the floor of the Senate or Congress and tell him publicly to prove your eligibility or step down and leave!

  5. Spring Break and Potomac Fever in Washington D.C.may not be a welcome sign for those folks who have been told where not to go! When they visit the U S Capitol, and are forced underground to the visitors center they will see what they’re paying for again and again. More government but no transparency by the acting chief executive! Those occasional visitors certainly won’t be able to Twitterblog which is a new dance orchestrated by District Court Judge James Robertson. It’s just a newer version of the Twist. Representative Posey of Florida made an honest attempt to introduce legislation to insure that all future Presidents are verified and certified as Natural Born citizens to hold the highest office in the U.S. Judge Robertson is too lazy to make an honest judicial assessment and turns to the Internet for his judicial review. I pray that the senior officers in Central Command don’t Twitter or Blog to analyze their military orders when they still don’t know if their Commander in Chief is eligible to make the calls. Mr. John D. Hemenway’s response to Judge James Robertson’s dismissal of his motion is answered in the subsequent filing in the U. S. District Court.. Mr. Hemenway’s sums up what the citizens of the United States of America do not know about Mr. Obama, and if we are to remain a Republic it is important for the standards set in our Constitution to prevail by proving his eligibility. All active duty and retired military subject to recall have a right to know if the individual acting as Commander in Chief is legally eligible to stand watch over our National Defense before or after Spring Break with or without Potomac Fever.

  6. To receive a copy of my daughter’s birth certificate recently, I had to mail a copy of my own to the Commonwealth of Virginia- and yes, American citizens are often required to document their citizenship in ordinary transactions- should the standard be lower for someone aspiring to the nation’s highest elective office? For those who say this is only “sour grapes,” if there is no standard of proof for Presidential candidates to determine their eligibility under the Constitution, can California Governor Schwarnegger run in 2012, if this precedent (no proof of citizenship) is allowed to stand?

  7. Every US citizen or legal resident has to show documentation when applying for a job. The I-9 was introduced in the late 1980’s to verify a person’s legal standing and anyone who has filled one out, knows what documentation you have to present.

    Once again, it is ridiculous that a governor of Hawaii keeps BO’s birth certificate (or whatever the heck it is) in a lock box and won’t release the cert for anyone to view.

    Rep. Posey did the right thing, if only to hear the responses from those who don’t understand how all this would go away if that darn cert was released. (Even if the bill passed, do you think Obama would sign? That, in itself would be a test.)

  8. Rep. Posey stated, “There’s nothing anyone can do about changing past elections… the President won. All the lawsuits in the world are not going to change that.” for a specific purpose. I think that he KNOWS that there is a remedy to Obama’s ineligibility written right there in the Constitution! However, he also knows that Congress does not want ANYTHING to do with this issue – precisely because they fear it would affect their jobs and/or Obama in some way, shape or form. It definitely would make Obama a one term usurper!

    However, I think that Rep. Posey purposely did an “end run” around the issue with that statement. He wanted to see the reactions of his colleagues, the media, the courts and the people. We certainly got some reactions! Quite telling in how they “lined up,” too.

    This bill will draw even more public attention and scrutiny to Obama’s ineligibility, no matter what! How could it not?

    The question remains whether or not one of the pending cases will be heard.

    Hopefully, such a turn of events will force Congress to do it’s job and remove the usurper – even if done several months into Resident Obama’s fraudulent presidency.

  9. I’ve read reports that Abercrombie was a friend of Obama’s mother and father. I think they went to college together. So, does it figure that he would say what he said??? Of course, he is supporting Obama.

    I’ve watched television where it was reported that MSNBC is owned by GE. Jeffrey Immelt is a part of GE and did business with Iran. He is also in the tank with Obama.

    We need to call and email all our representatives to vote aye for this bill. We need to march on Washington. It’s time to become active. As Leo said, a million man march is the best way to change laws. Anyone spearheading a march???

  10. How did we end up with such ignorant people with platforms to have their voice heard.
    It seems to me they do NOT believe in Our Constitution.

    The following is from WND today.

    “What you should do is stop embarrassing yourself and take the Reynolds Wrap off your head,” MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann suggested to Posey.

    U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, has gone so far as to suggest that Posey’s judgment is skewed.


  11. I wish to h[—] one of these Congressmen had the b[—-] to stand up and challenge Obama’s eligibility NOW. By 2012, America will be the U.S.S.A. and we’ll be totally bankrupt.

  12. Yes…this issue is getting really old and needs to be taken care of….there is no need to wait until 2012…the bill should take affect immediately with the USURPER who is presently occupying our White House and who is under questionable status!!!

  13. I greatly admire Mr. Posey. He has common sense, courage, and no need to be part of mob mentality. I hope he also learns that once someone is in office, it is never too late. If you were on the operating table, and somebody rushed in and said the brain surgeon was found to be a phony, is it really too late to remove him? What if the engineer driving the locomotive was found to be a crook without even a driver’s license, would the crew wait until the next station? Hopefully they would tackle him and replace him. If a criminal and liar makes his way into the White House, to lead the United States with his buddy Geithner into financial ruin, is it really too late? Does that make sense? The Constitution itself has the steps to take if the president is found not qualified after in office, and lay out who is in charge until things are settled. The founding officers did not expect everybody to patiently wait while a crook destroyed all they had worked for. That would be a bit foolish. Qoo Warranto provides legsl steps to challenge and verify someone in office. Only sheer stupidity lets a criminal be in charge “until the next vote.” It is obvious that a financial war is going on, and destruction and takeover of all business and finance is the goal, as in other countries where these groups do the same thing. Americans are not aware of what is going on, since the media is the first arm to be controlled in a takeover, to limit and twist the information. But it really is never too late, and, in fact, “moot” is simply not applicable to a “vote and placement in office”. It is an ongoing situation, unlike a robbery, where money is taken and the event is over, or someone is shot and killed, and reviving him is a moot situation. A vote leads to an ongoing activity, someone placed in office and who is making daily decisions affecting the public. So all the lawsuit talk of “moot” and “timing” is impressive, but simply not applicable to a vote/placement/ongoing decision-making type of situation. The sooner these criminals are removed, the better for the safety of our Country. Maybe Mr. Posey will decide that things are not over, it is not too late, action is urgent, and to wait passively for the next go-around might not be too smart, as the train is headed to a cliff and the engineer obviously never learned where the brakes are.

  14. I really, really hope that with the groundswell of concern these days over the direction the country is now heading, we can force our representatives to vote properly on this issue, that is to uphold the Constitution, by informing them that their jobs are at risk: Support HR 1503, or clean out your desk! Personally I think that the best example, in our faces, on this issue is Sen Res 511 which is simply not true and anyone who can read the relevent documents can see that. What does it tell us about our elected reps that they would allow this to take place? Of course, we know they don’t read the bills. I guess that means that it only requires a 3rd grade education to be a legislator in this country. It took me 3 months myself to get around to really examining the issue and now that I know that John McCain was NOT born in the Panama Canal Zone, but in Panama, and not in a military hospital, etc. the statement in Sen Res 511 is obviously false!

    Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

    We let ‘the government’ get away with all kinds of junk last year and now what do we get? A president who thinks he can send the Constitution to Great Britain along with the bust of Churchill.

  15. Call us: C O ‘s



    If Illegitimizers, want to Demean the idea of thruthfullness of ones heritage, the let them curse their own mother and father!

    Exacttly the same intent of calling me the “N” word or my bi-racial wife a ” White Cracker” is to demean our heitage!

    So dammit, don’t call me a “birther!!!!!

    If you illegitimizers want to have an issue about your own BIRTHING, THEN DEMEAM YOUR MAMMA NOT MINE!: or, our respect for the truth of the intended honor system in the Constitution!

  16. “The citizenship of someone who has reached the point of running for president of the United States is not really an issue,” Abercrombie said.

    That pretty much sums up what is wrong with America today. Since all the liberal doofuses say it, then it must be true.

    Barack(?) Obama has never produced a legitimate document that proves he is a “natural born” citizen, because he cannot provide one. He has admitted that his father was a British citizen which disqualified him at the very beginning of this ordeal. Our government has ignored this since before the kool-aid drinking masses elected the punk, & now even Rep. Posey says that nothing can be done about the illegal president who now occupies the White House. HORSEFEATHERS!!! There is a way to remove an ineligible president. All of these fools in DC need to read the Constitution.

    Lord, help us all.

    God, please bless America!

  17. All we can hope is that at least one or two of these bills get passed. Then we can at least limit this current abortion to one term.To any thinking, rational person, asking a candidate to show documents that we all need to, is just common sense, and totally reasonable. Especially since it is a requirement for the job to prove ones age, NBC status and residency. it’s Either that or get the constitution amended…but do not act so offended that someone actually submits a bill and wants it required that his Majesty needs to show that he is who he or she says she is.If you are against this reasonable requirement then you most certainly have some nefarious reason behind it. I think we are beyond taking the word of a politician from now on.

  18. Thank you Mr. Posey for trying to fix the problem. Its good to see that atleast this elected official is representing the people whom elected him. I hope he states the birth certificate must be the vault copy. If you simply state birth certificate what you will get is the certificate of live birth that has little to no information. I paid for a copy of my birth certificate expecting a copy of the original and I received a certificate of live birth. I was informed by the people at vital statistics that I have to specify a vault copy or you will get a certificate of live birth.

    If Mr. Posey can get this bill passed will this then effect the annointed ones bid for a second term? Will he then have to produce the proof that he has fought so hard to keep hidden?

  19. Abercrombie said legislation generally is to “address common issues or concerns.”

    First, ensuring the president’s eligibility should be a concern of all. I think most people erroneously believe that there is an official process. (I gave up arguing with one of the administrators of a site that has been around for awhile that there is no verification process.)

    Second, I am SURE ABercrombie holds all bills to that standard. (snark)

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