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  1. Missouri police given chilling instructions: Reading a little bit about this article. State police are being warned that Christians etc. are to be “monitored” for being a threat to ‘bamy. Well that is me. I am a Christian a follower of Christ not a follower of ‘bamy. If he does not like that too bad. I am going to pass this informtion along to Democratic U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana and inform her that if this is true that she had best approach ‘bamy and tell him that we of Faith in Louisiana are not going to stop going to church and worshipping God Almighty. Now this is the reason that I have labeled ‘bamy the anti-christ as he wants to destroy Christianity and replace it with his own atheistic beliefs as he has no fear of God and is doomed to a life in hell.

  2. Time to sum up the action of the last ten days, – we’re too close to the mountain to even see it.

    …Congress is a war zone
    First, Politico(.)com distributed it’s front cover issue outlining all the issues and ideas in it about the Birthers inside the corridors of Congress for free.
    Obama was totally unmasked and the whole plot was layed out to the Legistative’s eyes.
    Then 3 days ago one of them there went and stood up to vote the nail in the coffin, asking for his ID.
    Media taking this with calm between fits of rage, because this’s so overwhelming that they can’t really get it. They’re still tottering in fact.
    Obama’s toast already.

    See Olberman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmnhLvvDfnM&feature=channel_page

    Rachel Maddow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYvfSLPw_TU&feature=channel_page

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