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Site Comment Policy

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In the interests of continuing an efficient and coherent flow of debate on this site, I shall now be employing a new policy with respect to commentary to posts on this blog. While those who oppose what I post on this site are very much invited to comment their dissenting views, a few “loose strings” need to be tied up.

Going forward (and this applies to anyone, regardless of political stance), if you feel the need to opine by using exceptionally sarcastic ad hominems towards other individuals and/or the issue at hand, I reserve the right to edit out — notated via brackets (“[]”) — that part of your comment that does not move the discussion forward in a constructive way.

Technically, I’ve already been doing this, but I think that the policy bears a more formal statement as farr as site expectations are concerned. Again, this is not in any way meant to stifle intellectually honest debate proceeding under the auspices of candor and good will; rather, it is meant to keep people from proverbially “pushing buttons” with others, thereby bringing down the discussion to an overly personal level.

As always, feel free to contact me via email at phil at therightsideoflife dot com with any further questions regarding this policy.

Hopefully, this policy will lead to a raising of the bar in terms of better debate for both friends and adversaries.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Headlines and Site Comment Policy”

  1. I was reading a little bit about the Civilian National Security Force. In the article it talks about how ‘bamy is serious about what he says. I just wanted to let everybody know that you can go about business as usual because it seems thus far that ‘bamy is full of hot air.

  2. {Phil, I didn’t know where to send this announcement, so I hope posting here is ok. Thanks.)

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    Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

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    Dr. Taitz speaks five languages. Dr. Taitz’ experiences under the totalitarian Communist regime convinced her that this is a path that she would rather not see the United States take. Therefore, Orly is committed to doing everything in her power to prevent such a disastrous mistake, and to defend the rights and freedoms that exist for all citizens in the United States under the Constitution.

    Dr. Taitz has filed a second lawsuit associated with the Obama Eligibility Crisis that is currently before the Supreme Court and is working on a third lawsuit featuring active duty and retired military as plaintiffs.

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    Dr. Taitz has just filed application for a foundation to carry on this work entitled the “Defending Our Freedoms Foundation.”


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