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by Phil on 03/8/2009


Tea Party Update

The Obama Administration

Sen. Arlen Specter

Islam in America




Health Care

Chicago Politics

The Judiciary

First Amendment

Innocent Life

Tenth Amendment



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  1. 03/8/2009ch says:

    So this movie would be a Historical Fiction, right? Or perhaps Science Fiction? It seems they are not positive which hospital….so I assume they will subpoena the birth certificate before starting the movie, to authenticate the place of birth?

  2. 03/9/2009Estel Powell says:

    I enjoy the Top Stories. :) Great addition to the site! Really enjoyed the reading on the Fullerton, CA Tea Party Rally.

  3. 03/9/2009Kathy says:

    I really like the new format; helps me keep up to date with just a few clicks. Thanks for all your work!

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