2 thoughts on “NM State Rep Introduces “Cease and Desist” State Sovereignty Resolution”

  1. Governor Billy is a corrupt fool, our State senate majority leader has just been put in jail for Massive corruption convictions, and our election process is an utter sham.
    This Governor and State legislator has made it possible for people to effectively steal your vote by not requiring them to check for any kind of id for recurring voters.

    The Registration process was already a sham, and in a state this small it doesn’t take much to shift an election.

    I wrote my Legislators and asked them to pass something similar to New Hampshire’s but so far no response.

    To be quite frank, expecting anything of New Mexico in this regard is a bit far fetched to say the least. New Mexico is highly depended upon massive amounts of Federal Dollars even thou most of them are properly defense related.

  2. Now that was unexpected. Considering New Mexico is the most liberal state in the union, I was expecting a bill to be presented there last.

    I’m not putting any hope on that one though. They would just assume go down with the ship. Or maybe their “governor” they’ve been dealing with has put a proverbial nail into the federal funding coffin for them.

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