One thought on “SD State Reps and Senators Introduce “Cease and Desist” State Sovereignty Resolution”

  1. This is getting old ‘bamy and to all of his supporters that are still left out there thinking that he is going to take away their Bill of Rights because he is a Kenyan and the only law that he understands is repression of the people by force and by the military. Another State not acknowledging you as president because you used voter fraud and underhanded tactics to garner votes. May I remind you ‘bamy and all of his supporters if you think that those who didn’t support him got something wrong with us than I will have you know once again 59% McCain/Palin 40% Biden/’Bamy in Louisiana because his voter fraud and buying of votes wasn’t allowed here. Now that is a squashing so tell me once again how we got something wrong with us because we didn’t believe his lies. Go ahead tell me I’m listening and if he tries to run here again in 2012 and he does have all of his paperwork in order i.e Birth Certificate, newspaper “announcements”, anything showing that he is an eligible candidate we are going to squash him again. And Bobby Jindal is going to take him to the woodshed again for being a fraud. Just a reminder “State Sovereignty”.

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