7 thoughts on “IN State Senators Introduce “Cease and Desist” State Sovereignty Resolution”

  1. We cannot let this bill die!! The Federal Government is moving at warp speed to strip businesses and individuals of their rights and their property. Before we must provide assistance to California, we need to get a legislation on the books.

  2. All I want to know is when we will be able to proscecute obama for the biggest fraud in our history. He is not trying to do away away with our Consitution and doinga good job of it. He can sell you the broklyn brige cheap and you would buy it. We need to stop him before we are in camps and Muslins are running this country.

  3. This scum keeps ignoring these states “cease and desist” sovereignty claim as if it is not noteworthy. This scum thinks he is the most precious thing on the face of the planet. Someone like this should not be in the white house no matter where he was born. According tp Taitz scathing rebuke of him if any of that were to be true e is the biggest fraud since God created man. He should be thoroughly investigated at every level, brought before impeachment proceedings and the U.S. Senate will fortify his fate. E is not going to trample on my Constitution and not get thrown out of “office”. Everybody else has to follow the law time to go to jail.

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