11 thoughts on “OK 10th Amendment Resolution Passes State House 83-13 (Vote Tallies)”

  1. We believe these truths to be self evident…… You know the rest. I live in upstate NY and advocate our secesion from the materialistic, hollywood loving, MBA Keyensian brain washed bankers and forming a new freedom loving state in upstate, NY. It is essential that I support OK’s plan and I hope states follow and do actually secede. Government will continue to grow, inevatibility is in play.

    One day the line from the north country of present day NY of the adirondacks following south along appalachian mountains through the catskills (my home) down trough western PA, through WV., KY, to the smokeys of TN. can be one nation where the spirit of our own constitution is up held and the specifics are laid anticipating the furue so our future generations don’t get confused as these communists running our nation are.

    Best of luck! GO OK!

    PS I worked on Wall street , I saw what happened.

  2. I live in OK. and Brad Henry may be a Dem. but he has “always” done what the people wanted him to do. We are proud of his record, and the things we didn’t agree on was not earth shattering. We will wait and see what he does on this but I believe he will go with the people, and no I am not a Dem, not even close.

  3. Barry the Pied Piper! He blows his horn and the rats followed to the river and drowned and when he didn’t get paid he did it to the children till they paid, Watch who you follow

  4. This is indeed good news! The passage in the senate needs to be 2/3rds, so that they can override the governor if he should not sign the bill. I am calling my real estate agent today!!

  5. Awe ‘bamy what’s wrong first State to pass resolution declaring that u r not recognized as the supreme dictator of the land. Time to go back to Chicago and fester befre a big war breaks out which u caused by devlaring shortcuts in life 4 your followers which numbers about 10,000 brain dead %±&€¿


  6. How Exciting! although no doubt the Senate might be a tougher one to pass..no?Also, is the governor a Patriot? If it passes all the way I can see all the wagons of families heading to OK? All the virtuous and independent-types that can make a capitalistic engine hum without government nipples will migrate THERE!
    I have been to an immigration meeting in Texas to hear Randy Brogdon speak,he was an AC repairman and got into politics to STOP the outrageous taxation.He travelled to TX. to fight with us against the Trans-Texas Corridor another globalist,nation-state killing project.He spoke of language used by legislators about the “PEOPLE” and the need for “control”.He said he was shocked!
    Anyway,when I saw the picture I thought how great if we could all go there and celebrate on the front steps if it passes and we get to witness a “free state”.I’ll bring the champagne!!

    1. The governor of OK is a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT! That is a MAJOR danger zone for those involved with this 10th amendment bill. I would like to know the names and parties of the 13 who said NO!

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