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Daily Archives: February 15th, 2009

Obama Administration Lifting Sanctions Against Syria, Iran, Travel to Cuba

As originally being reported by, the new Administration is in the process of lifting sanctions against the terrorist-sponsoring countries of Syria and Iran, and Democrats have introduced a bill in Congress to allow practically unrestricted travel to Cuba. From Syria has been listed by the State Department as among the State Sponsors of […]

A Primer for the Political Fight Ahead

Here are two examples from two excellent writers providing an observational analysis concerning our current President as well as how the forces of law and anarchy clash from both a personal viewpoint (as embodied in the President) and a macro viewpoint (in terms of a clash of ideologies). The first is an excellent piece by […]

OK State Rep Joins as Plaintiff in Dr. Taitz’ Upcoming Court Case

As previously reported by WorldNetDaily, four Tennessee State Reps have consented to be Plaintiffs in an upcoming Court case being pursued by Dr. Orly Taitz. Yesterday, the activist, attorney and dentist Dr. Taitz reported that Oklahoma State Rep Mike Ritze (R) will also be joining: Yesterday evening Dr. Mike Ritze, Oklahoma state representative has announced […]