Senate Bill Would Move Voting to the Weekend

by Phil on 01/7/2009 has posted an article saying that Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) has introduced a bill that would move the federal election day from the first Tuesday in November to the first weekend in November:

Yesterday, on the first day of the 111th Congress, one hundred forty-three bills were introduced in the United States Senate including one by WisconsinSenator Herb Kohl that would move federal election day from the first Tuesday in November to the first weekend in November.

“Holding our Federal elections on a weekend will create more opportunities for voters to cast their ballots and will help end the gridlock at the polling places which threaten to undermine our elections,” Kohl said during remarks made on the Senate floor. …

The Wisconsin Democrat cited the long lines across the nation as the reason why his legislation is needed. …

In addition to weekend voting, S. 149 would also provide a uniform period of time for polling places to be open; 10AM Saturday eastern time to 6PM Sunday eastern time.

Here’s a poignant question:

If America has managed to get through years of voting on a singular day in early November without a cataclysmic event occurring, can you please tell me what makes this a germane issue at this time? Why will allowing voters to vote through an entire weekend be better for the nation?


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  1. 01/7/2009Wash says:

    Easy, to make Election Day a National Hollyday for Obama.

  2. 01/7/2009Deb says:

    Could this be possible??Looks like(according to his web site) Kohl introduced this back in 2005, could this still be flying around the house since??

    Among the first bills Kohl will introduce in the 109th Congress:
    Weekend Voting bill. In an effort to increase access to polling places for American voters, Kohl is introducing a bill that would move federal elections to the first weekend in November and open polling places for uniform hours over the two days. Kohl’s bill addresses a major shift in the way Americans vote, as voters increasingly opt to vote absentee or early because of increased crowding at the polls.

    I’m sure nObama will pass it for 2012..

  3. 01/7/2009Maureen says:

    Can Congress do this? This is Constitutional isn’t it? Doesn’t this require a radification or Admendment to the Constitution by the people?

  4. 01/7/2009Maureen says:

    Hey I just thought of this: Maybe it would allow peopl to go vote twice! They could go on Saturday, then go on Sunday, or allow them time to travel from state to state to cast as many votes in many states, lol.

  5. 01/7/2009Phil says:


    Article 2, Section 1, Clause 4:

    The Congress may determine the Time of chusing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.

    Fortunately, the Constitution allows for the Legislative branch to make changes to the minutiae of the details of the process. Therefore, Congress can make these kinds of changes at any time they wish to do so.


  6. 01/8/2009Lady Impact in Ohio says:

    My significant other is from Brasil. Down there on voting day no one works. If you do not vote your driver’s license is revoked. Just thought I would throw that out there to show the difference between countries.

  7. 01/8/2009Maureen says:

    Okay, thanks for letting me know that. But it says the ‘Day’ which is singular, so you cannot stretch it out to two days correct?

  8. 01/8/2009Phil says:


    Another great question. That would obviously be for a constitutional scholar to deal with (how far legislation is allowed to stretch voting days).

    Thanks for the comment,


  9. 01/8/2009JeffM says:

    They should just change the popular vote to January 21.

  10. 01/9/2009JulieC. says:

    Democrats don’t give a crap about the Constitution!! Thye’ll do whaever they please and the Usurper-In-Chief will go along woith it. We are screwed.

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