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Obama to Cut Taxes in Stimulus Plan and Increase Government?

Drudge has redlined a posting from entitled, “Eyes $300 billion tax cut…,” so, naturally, I was curious. It turns out that Jeff Schreiber, blogger at, has a great summary posting on this. He also includes a great “mythical” letter from “Your Boss” that is essential reading for those of us currently on a payroll.

Unfortunately, however, besides the “targeted” tax cuts, Barack Hussein Obama appears to want to expand the government by something like 600,000 bureaucrats (how likely are these people to be cut once they’re brought on board?).

Why not consider Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) Tax Holiday plan instead? It would keep the government from taking from someone else to give to another party, and everyone would have the freedom to save, spend or invest as they chose.


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