Candidate Qualification: CO Legislative Council Begins Ballot Initiative Process

by Phil on 12/16/2008

Earlier, Justin Riggs, blogger at, submitted a ballot proposal to the Colorado Legislative Council and Office of Legislative Legal Services. He just received word back from the State beginning the process of formal review.

The following is a PDF document whereby the State has formally reviewed his proposal and will be meeting with Justin this Thursday:

A current listing of State-based initiatives attempting to reform the American electoral process can be found here.


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  1. 12/16/2008Catherine says:

    “CO Ballot Initiative Review and Comment Memo 2009-2010″

    Is it me? The questions listed for Mr. Riggs….sound like “what is…is?” I know that they are trying to be precise…but come on.

    God bless the Riggs!

    We all need to keep the faith…..and thank you Phil in assisting me in mine with all your very organized, thorough, and updated information. Your site has helped me (a lay-person for sure) make it through the tough reading and disappointing outcomes/decisions.

    Not to worry, as we will all move forward placing all our trust IN HIM! We know that outcome and we know that HE is using each of us in revealing HIS truth and plan.

    God bless you, your work, and these United States!

  2. 12/16/2008Phil says:

    Thanks for the kind words; Justin Riggs and his associates are doing yeoman’s work in all of this.

  3. 12/16/2008Catherine says:

    And now, I feel better after reading Dr. Orly Taitz/Robert Stephen’s post:
    “Do not be discouraged: we need to fight on”

    Again…keep the faith folks….remember all those that have given their lives for this country and do not forget those families that suffered in doing so too.

  4. 12/16/2008Catherine says:

    AOL has ‘picked-up’ the Obama BC:

  5. 12/17/2008roxe says:

    WOW, just reading that pdf gives me butterflies in my stomach. I’d be so scared if it were me going into that review room. I’ll be praying extra hard from now through Thursday that God will be with them and give them His wisdom. God knows exactly what is going on and exactly what needs to be said and how it should be written.
    God bless this group in a mighty way!

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