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Daily Archives: December 16th, 2008

Berg v. Obama: Application Refiled with Justice Kennedy

According to the docket of Berg v. Obama: Dec 15 2008 Application (08A505) refiled and submitted to Justice Kennedy. This marks the first time that this case has been re-submitted to a Supreme Court Associate Justice since Justice Souter first received it on October 30, 2008. A current listing of eligibility lawsuits can be found here. […]

Chicago Politics: Fitzgerald Takes Another Breather Before Sentencing Rezko

CitizenWells reports this evening that Patrick Fitzgerald has once again delayed sentencing Tony Rezko: The Chicago Tribune, in an article dated December 16, 2008, has revealed that the sentencing of Tony rezko has been delayed again. Apparently Rezko has been talking and revealing corruption links to Blagovich and other lawmakers. Obama’s name was mentioned during the Rezko trial and […]

Candidate Qualification: CO Legislative Council Begins Ballot Initiative Process

Earlier, Justin Riggs, blogger at, submitted a ballot proposal to the Colorado Legislative Council and Office of Legislative Legal Services. He just received word back from the State beginning the process of formal review. The following is a PDF document whereby the State has formally reviewed his proposal and will be meeting with Justin this […]

Broe v. Reed: Motion for Expedited Discovery, Subpoenas

Yesterday, reported that James Broe, one of 13 Plaintiffs in Broe v. Reed, has filed a motion for expedited discovery and authority to issue subpoenas in Washington State Supreme Court: Names and Designation of Persons Filing Motion COMES NOW, James E. Broe, Kenneth R. Seal, Robert Baker, Mark Sussman, Stan Walter, Bill Wise, Andy Stevens, […]