Kentucky Truck Driver Filing Suit in London District Court

Daniel John Essek, a truck driver from the great State of Kentucky, filed a request for permission to file a court case without having to pay a fee (see the Lexington Herald-Leader for the story; also at Case 6:2008cv00379.

Mr. Essek was also in the running for the Senate against Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, per his website,

Update: Picture of filing.

Excerpts from the new report below…

Essek wants Obama to provide a copy of his birth certificate to a federal judge in London for verification.

He knows some people might find his request odd, especially after the election, but says he would tell them it’s never too late to do the right thing.

“I may very well be chasing windmills thinking they’re monsters,” he acknowledged.

Essek lost by more than 100,000 votes when he tried to unseat longtime Republican U.S. Sen Mitch McConnell in the primary election this year. He later said on a Web site “maybe I got a little carried away, like my wife said.” …

Essek said he’ll be satisfied if U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove receives documents from Obama and rules Obama is qualified to serve as president.

What Essek filed was actually a request for permission to file the court case without having to pay a fee.

“I also affirm, owing to my poverty, having not the money, request all fees of this filing and service be waived,” he wrote, citing his income in the last year as $15,000.

Essek said in the motion that he is founder of the Society for Liberty and Prosperity. Last week he said the society had no members but had scheduled an organizational meeting Saturday night at his home just north of the Tennessee line, has set up a Web site and is seeking members and donors.

Essek is president of the group. His wife, Donna, is treasurer. …

But Essek said politics isn’t the reason he’s questioning Obama’s qualifications.

“This is patriotism,” he said.

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