10 thoughts on “Is the Onus of Presidential Qualification on the Parties?

  1. I hope by the time of the next election we have in place who certifie the candidates. Also before they are certificed a forenstic people look at all the material that has been requested of BC, school records and financial school aid if foreign the green card or proof they have been naturalized that would disquaiy that person from running.
    How do we do this to have a committee in place to verify the candidates?

  2. All,

    Everything I’ve seen leads me to believe that the legal responsibility for vetting candidates lies at the feet of the state and national parties of the candidates. You can go here:


    and see all of the SoS’ responses to letters from constituents (kind of interesting, actually). It seems that, as things stand, they have no legal ability, authority, or responsibility to certify a Presidential candidates’ eligibility before placing them on the ballot.

    As for how this effects the current court cases, I’m not qualified to speculate.

  3. Kris,
    In my non-attorney opinion, the respective States’ Secretaries of State are, theoretically, obligated to make sure that _all_ candidates for _all_ offices — federal, State and local — meet _all_ eligibility requirements, regardless of what private political parties have to say.

  4. The Socialist Workers Party has a strategy of intentionally running an ineligible candidate for POTUS, Roger Calero, in some (5) states where they can somehow get away with it (NJ) and running a surrogate in the (5) others. If fate should have it and the party actually won they would push for a constitutional amendment allowing the ineligible to become eligible. See: http://ubirevera.blogivists.com/2008/11/27/socialist-workers-party-wrote-script-for-barack-obama/

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