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Daily Archives: November 25th, 2008

Rumor via Plains Radio Network on Plot Against Leo Donofrio

I originally came across this via; original source is the Plains Radio Network forum, located here: Ed Hale  IP:  Nov 25, 08 – 2:34 PM *** BREAKING NEWS *** PRN has uncovered a plot to kill Leo Donofrio  HI folks: This is what we know right now. The sourse of this information comes from […]

Gov. Sarah Palin Heading to Georgia for Saxby

Presser: SAXBY CONFIRMS SARAH PALIN TO CAMPAIGN WITH HIM IN GEORGIA ATLANTA—U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) today confirmed that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will campaign in Georgia with him on Monday, December 1st. “I was thrilled when I got the call that Governor Palin would be able to make the trip to Georgia to campaign […]

Donofrio v. Wells: McCarthy v. Briscoe: The Case Providing Donofrio’s Standing at SCOTUS

Per a recent article at, the following is said to be a copy of the case McCarthy v. Briscoe from September 30, 1976 that Leo Donofrio is using for his case, Donofrio v. Wells. It is said to help Leo justify his standing to bring his case before SCOTUS, in that while a Justice accepting a previously-denied […]

One Month Anniversary, Notable Links, Top Georgia and National Stories

Today marks the one month anniversary of The Right Side of Life. This post provides an update of this blog and events that occurred with Lan Lamphere and Leo Donofrio from last Friday, November 21 as well as Dr. Taitz’ new blog, and the following top stories: A blog talks about Berg v. Obama, Alan […]