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Daily Archives: November 23rd, 2008

Donofrio Forwards Misconduct Allegations Against SCOTUS Stay Clerk Danny Bickell to Chief Justice Roberts

Leo Donofrio, Plaintiff in the case├é┬áDonofrio v. Wells, last week forwarded an official Allegation of Misconduct against Supreme Court of the United States Stay Clerk Danny Bickell to Chief Justice John Roberts for potentially illegally handling Donofrio’s case as submitted to SCOTUS. Also, Leo hints at other potential case(s) headed to SCOTUS, potentially revealed this […]

Leo Explains Natural Born Citizen, Dr. Polarik’s Final Birth Certificate Report, “Manchurian Candidate” Posting, and Has API been Found Out?

I’ve attempted to aggregate a number of news-worthy items into a single post today. As such, here’s a quick table of contents of what you can expect to see in this entry: Leo talks about what it means to be a “natural born citizen” on Lan Lamphere’s site; I’ve also included a link to Mr. […]