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Daily Archives: November 17th, 2008

Lan Lamphere Taking His Fight Directly to Officials

Mr. Lan Lamphere posted his call to American citizens today asking them to send a recent Keyes v. Bowen document and letter to Governors and Electors (posting excerpted below)…

Berg’s Washington Times Weekly Edition Ad in Subscribers’ Mailboxes Tomorrow

Philip Berg’s site,, is currently reporting that their full-page ad has been sent today to be included in today’s paper, due in subscribers’ mailboxes tomorrow, Tuesday, November 18. Berg’s copy of the ad shows at this link, along with the front cover of the paper. -Phil

Keyes v. Bowen: NBC/Augusta, GA Press Coverage posted a very short (but they at least posted) article this afternoon pertaining to the Keyes v. Bowen case. -Phil

Donofrio v. Wells: Emergency Stay Application Officially Renewed

This afternoon, Mr. Leo Donofrio (Donofrio v. Wells) reports that he has officially renewed his Application for Emergency Stay to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. He’s also going to be interviewed on the radio over the next two nights… Ad to Appear in Washington Times Weekly Edition

Another push for advertising asking Obama to answer for his eligibility is in the works (thanks,, this one from the Faith 2 Action organization (see the PDF document here). There is also a rallying cry for citizens to call their Representative(s) and Senators concerning the eligibility issue. In theory, at least one Representative and […]