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SOS Lawsuit Update: Corbett v. Bowen, Latest on Others

The following updates are brought to everyone via; specific links are provided for verification purposes:


You will recall from a posting here and here that Mr. David Archbold had what is currently the first of three California lawsuits drafted for submission. reports that “he redirected his efforts and is focusing on assisting others nationally.” There is therefore no Archbold case.

Secondarily, Ambassador Alan Keyes has recently filed suit in California against their Secretary of State and all of California’s Electors (Keyes v. Bowen).

Thirdly, as has just been updated (and originally referenced on; argued by Pam Patterson), Joan Corbett’s lawsuit against California Secretary of State Debra Bowen is alive and well; see the PDF summary here; Case #30-2008-00114112-CU-FR-CJC (can be entered at this site; requires accepting terms).


We are all awaiting to see what happens to Andy Martin’s hearing on Tuesday, November 18 in the Circuit Court for Hawaii.


There are so many things circulating about this case and nobody can find anything out about the “Wild Bill” case that it probably never happened (my posting here).


Cort Wrotnowski’s case is apparently officially dismissed, according to the New York Post.

We still await word on those 17 other cases (don’t know if this number includes the above or not) still in the works. I don’t expect to post anything until I get something definite to report.


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