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Daily Archives: November 13th, 2008

Obama Administration “Shortlist” Flowchart has obtained a PDF of President-elect Obama’s Cabinet positions and, theoretically, the people being considered. Enjoy. -Phil

Saxby in Senatorial Runoff Spotlight

(Double post alert:,!) Next stop on the filibuster express? Georgia. With things not looking so good in Alaska and Minnesota, Georgia appears to be the firewall that the GOP has for hanging on to the filibuster maneuver in the Senate. From the AJC: Chambliss’ campaign on Monday confirmed that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) will come to Cobb […]

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) Proposes Mandated Health Insurance

Hotair reported yesterday the first salvo in what will probably be a very contested debate over universal health care (via I’ve also added my commentary on questions that really ought to be asked…

FairTax Rally at Gwinnett Center Arena, November 16

For those of you in the great State of Georgia (probably also applies for surrounding States — you know who you are!), the FairTax organization is gearing up for another rally. Essentially, the FairTax (otherwise known as a “use” or “consumption” tax) wipes out nearly all other forms of direct taxation (e.g.: income tax, payroll […] Updates on Open Letter to Obama, Funds, Evidence

As we’ve been following, the We The People Foundation announced an Open Letter to Mr. Obama along with a previous update on its status. Yesterday, the site gave another update as to where things stand, along with a summation of evidence (I’ll excerpt below)…

SOS Lawsuits: North Carolina Sullivan v. Marshall Class Action Lawsuit

Just in from last night over at (be patient with their site; getting lots of hits and being updated as circumstances warrant)… Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan versus NC Board of Elections and Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall, to be refiled based on past history (see link for more info)…