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SOS Lawsuits: VA Lawsuit: “Wild Bill” Potentially an Opposition Plant

I’ve recently received an email from a reader of this and other sites currently following the Secretary of State lawsuits over the Obama birth certificate issue that seems to suggests what was originally reported via commentary on Berg’s website may have been an opposition plant.

In part, the reader said, “…the Virginia Court case a poster called Wild Bill posted about on Berg’s site was pretty much exposed as a hoax. No one could find anything about it in the courts of Virginia. Wild Bill was most likely an Obama plant who composed quite a detailed story. All the other cases appear to be legitimate, with public records clearly available.”

Specifically, I had posted here on the lawsuit; my apologies to all for having spread any misinformation about the lawsuit. Since the Internet allows for great anonymity, it can be difficult to separate truth from fiction. On the other hand, it’s also becoming very convenient to look up public records to verify if stories are true or not.

It is obvious that the opposition has been and will continue to go to great lengths to try to stymie and stall this entire process; makes me think that we’re all on to something very big with all of this.


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