One thought on “Websites Aggregating Volunteers for Electors Suit, Other Information”

  1. yes, the americamustknow site is a must read for anyone interested in this citizens initiative. It provides a succinct summary of what’s going on. It was started by a volunteer is is participating on democratic-disaster as well.

    The statis of the initiative: volunteers have or are in the process of contacting their Secretary of State to obtain names and contact info for their state’s electors. Some states already have the names of their electors.

    Cover letters to the electors are being worked on, as well as a statement of evidence. These will be sent to the electors for their consideration, with a respectful request that they file a supoena to have the vault certificate examined.

    I will update this site but encourage anyone who comes across this to visit the above mentioned sites as well. And, we can always use more foot soldiers.

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