Steve Marquis Update on POTUS Eligibility

I’ll excerpt parts of the posting that Steve posted 5-NOV-2008 on his website,

Fortunately, [President-elect Obama’s] flagrant disrespect for the constitution has not gone unseen and this constitutional challenge that we citizen warriors tried to raise before the magistrates and in the court of public opinion is not over but just beginning. You heard that right – the players are shifting from the citizen warriors to the pros and the venues will be changing to the federal court and then to the Congress where challenges to Obama’s ability to qualify as a Natural Born Citizen will take place. A few more attempts will be made at the state level  this week by serious lawyers who will not be as easy to browbeat with a wink and a nod to the defense. Stay tuned for that fireworks as electors and presidential/VP candidates weigh in demanding that the same question be answered. [emphasis Steve’s]

I have received several thousand letters from across the country and beyond asking, “What is happening to this citizen effort in the courts?”  Frankly for a while it was all I could do to help all the folks. I still have a day job and for a few weeks straight was lucky to get 4 hrs of sleep a day.  One or two new states a day that wanted to join the effort and that took precedence so I must apologize that my follow up with the people at large has been a bit spotty. Even today, Nov 5th, I have been very busy coordinating with lawyers across the country who are picking up this baton and running with it. It is not over. Not even.  Here is a rough explanation and functional chronology.

Following on the heels of two major lawsuits aimed at Obama directly in Pennsylvania, then Hawaii, I in Washington, followed quickly by other citizens in their respective states who sued the complicit or at best oblivious Secretaries of States for dereliction of duty; Ohio, then Virginia, Connecticut, Texas, Connecticut, California – There are others and there is no master command – all grass roots with each of us helping each other as we could.  One thing was common, we each demanded to know if Obama has proof of US citizenship or withhold certification of electors for Obama. HE NEVER EVER GAVE HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE. We never lost on the merits of our claims and in each case the coward judges pulled up their skirts and ran for political cover – never once addressing the serious questions we raised, but instead they sidestepped the questions by ruling on one technicality or another. The rulings In one state or the other draw on one or more of these weasel copouts > I say copouts not because I disrespect the legal system, but because these good ol boys were working overtime to get this hot potato out of their court and a more adept attorney before a judge who gave a flying rip would have answered these easily.

You don’t have the right to ask that question of Mr. Obama.  (Standing)    

I won this one

If we rule on this it will alter the election unfairly (Latches)                        

Not being a lawyer, I got beat on this because I found no opportunity to ask for a postponement of the ruling until after the 4th

Lacking an indispensible party

I deliberately only sued the Secretary of State. The Judge felt I should have included Obama, but I argued that no harm could be done to Obama The judge seemed to think that Obama could be harmed and even if he deserved the harm as an illegal alien that he should be there!  

You missed the deadline the inform us the constitution was being trampled (Statue of Limitation)

I beat this one when I carefully defined certification as certification of the electors (after the election)

Legislation and case law does not allow asking questions of the candidate

I beat this one initially by pointing out that no test was requested about the birth certificate only its disclosure. That arg threw the defense at 1st but then the Judge and the Attorney for the Secretary of State counseled together and came up with a case were no test was made but it was still tossed.  If had been faster on my feet I would have pointed out that huge volumes of very personal information is demanded of candidates regarding their finance and that is published based on the laws – how much more so then the for the constitution. Alas. The fix was in – believe me – before I walked in the judge had been Obatized thinking that Obama had already offered a birth certificate. I kicked myself for not having brought with me a copy of a real one vs. the worthless rag Obama offered.   That is exactly where Berg’s case needed to be, but mine was not based on that merit, so I wasn’t prepared for that argument. Crazy, I had the two radically different certificates on my desk at home! A, 8 year old can understand the difference.

Each Case was tossed for some variation of what I went through. I repeat  None of these cases were beat on the merits.

[Continuation of a listing of events to date:]

11. Obama flies to Hawaii spends 2 days there but only a few hours with is dying Grandmother. Shortly thereafter two employees claim that they have seen his birth records. Obots say “See” but the employees conveniently do not say what kind of information is on the certification.

12. Election is lost and Paper Tiger is shredded without a peep about the citizenship matter.

13. Lawsuits are filed by real lawyers picking up were the citizens left off bringing on board presidential candidates and electoral college electors aimed at both the Secretaries of State but also as in Berg directly against Obama. 11/5/08

14. Predictions for the Future

15. Lawsuits raise visibility that the issue is not dead, but are stalled or tossed on technicalities.

16. Electors at College, along with 20-30 senators/Representatives file formal challenge to Obama

17. Congress demands to certificates

18. Failure to meet qualifications id demonstrated

19. Obama pleads ignorance and surprise and begs mercy and has surrogates in congress argue that they just did this for McCain – surely Obama deserves the same (and veiled threat of large scale civil unrest avoided ) if we just bend the rule a bit- after all Obama is just a victim of circumstances 0 Its nit his fault and besides by today’s standard he would be eligible so – can we vote him a sweetheart resolution too?  They do.

20.  Supreme Court finally forced to weigh in….God Help us all

As for the last few points in the list, I don’t think that President-elect Obama would be able to feign ignorance; being ineligible is a very serious condition of the Presidency and I really think that it would be treated as such. After all, once things got to that point, you’d have every major media outlet on this issue.

Remember, too, that being ineligible for President does not constitute a crime, per se. I suppose folks could try to raise a case that Barack Obama intentionally frauded the American people by posing as an eligible candidate; that’s a story for another day, and not the point here. Being ineligible would simply mean, best case, that he’d go back to being an Illinois Senator, assuming that he is an American citizen. The worst case scenario is that he is shown to be an illegal alien, and that’s a path I don’t think we want to go down until the evidence explicitly states such.


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  1. thanks for posting this Phil! (and Steve, if you read this thanks for all your work.) I was one of the thousands of emails Steve got, seeking an update …. this info is great.

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