API: MO Tape Ultimatum to Fox News

For those who are still following this story, African Press International has two different posts with their latest claims.

API has been making claims to have evidence of Michelle Obama voicing off in a recorded interview for more than a month now, but no evidence to substantiate it. Maybe it’s about time for API to simply post portions of the audio on their site and be done with it (if it truly exists).

You can read some excerpts by reading more in this posting…

Today afternoon, API took a bold step to give Fox News Network a six hours ultimatum to decide on an immediate release of the tape – “that the tape be aired as soon as possible, latest tomorrow the 3rd of November if it has to have any value in connection with the US Presidential elections taking place on Tuesday the 4th of this month.

In a strong worded letter dictated by API’s Canadian Counsel, Fox News Network has been given the ultimatum to come to its senses and respect the agreement reached in New York on the 28th of October.

Any denials by any one in Fox News Network that seeks to embarrass API will not be taken lightly. Any such denials will be treated as a breach of contract and API will not hesitate taking legal action against the Network. We view the tape as a very important instrument that will serve to enlighten a number of people whose total interest is to have a leadership that earns their trust and will serve them diligently no matter what their beliefs are in today’s America.

API may decide to ignore the existing agreement if the engaging counsel is in agreement with API’s intended final approach that will enable the necessary steps to be taken in order to find other means to ensure the contents is made public immediately.

On Counsel’s advice, API gave Fox News Network an ultimatum yesterday (Sunday 2. November).

API will have a meeting in the morning  with Counsel in order to look for the best solution, thereafter take a decision and inform Fox News Network on the new direction to be followed in order to have the contents of the tape to be made public before the voting day. In the Process, and for the new plans to sail smoothly, and succeed, Fox News Network, if they do not accept to follow the new plan of action, will be asked to accept the cancellation of the existing agreement amicably in order to avoid any future disagreements that may arise and force the parties to move to the courts demanding compensation.

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